What Role Does Social Sentiment Play in Ranking Netherlands Brands?

Kimberly Surico |
 05/09/18 |
3 min read

Spreek je Nederlands? It’s okay if you don’t – the new  NetBase Brand Passion Report 2018: Top Loved Netherlands Brands breaks down all you need to know about social sentiment in the Netherlands into English.

“Where is the love?” is the top question this report asks – as our Brand Passion reports always do. And as always, there are surprises in the mix, and lessons for all brands, everywhere.

Using patented technology, we looked at Dutch-language posts from January 2017 through December 2017, to surface the strongest, most positive consumer emotions towards brands across six top industries, then identified which of the brands get the most love.

Here’s what we found:

Technology Brands Reign Supreme

The love for technology brands we saw in both our French and German reports continues here. Technology brands took three of the top five spots, and six of the top 15.

With any social data, you want to know the “why” behind it. So why is sentiment so strong for Philips, yet engagement just “okay?” And why do Apple and Sony get such high engagement?

For Apple, part of the reason may be the love they get even within the context of mentions of other brands – like Google Android. It’s interesting to note the reverse is not true, i.e., Apple users don’t mention other products, though Google users mention Apple.

This indicates deep loyalty among Apple fans.

For Sony’s part, their brand love is spread amongst their diverse product line. Dutch consumers love their Xperia smartphone range, as well as Playstation and camera models.

As for Philips, their legacy is in their lighting, which was the #1 mention for their brand. They’re still known for their core product, but have smartly innovated beyond it – and been well-received.

Albert Heijn Takes Top Spot

Even with all the brand love the Tech category is enjoying, grocery brand Albert Heijn was the #1 socially ranked Dutch brand overall. And two other grocery brands – Lidl and Jumbo – made the top 15.

Here’s what’s interesting about these top-ranked brands in the grocery category: Though Albert Heijn has the greatest share of brand love by percent of mentions at 46.9%, Lidl isn’t far behind at 36.8%. What’s great for Lidl is they’re getting that social sentiment with 300 fewer stores than Albert Heijn.

So even though Albert Heijn is in the #1 spot, they need to keep a close eye on competitors like Lidl. Just when a brand seems too small to worry about, they step up their social game and sway your customers to their side.

How much are image posts impacting engagement for the various grocery brands on our list? Read the full report to find out!

Beauty Must Be More Than Mentions Deep

It’s important to realize the type of posts you share is relevant only to what your audience wants from your brand – something you can judge against your competitors, but not to the exclusion of all else.

If consumers aren’t engaging with your posts, it doesn’t matter how much social sentiment you have – you won’t be able to grow. You need your audience sharing and interacting with your brand’s social posts.

Consider The Body Shop – the brand with the most brand love mentions in the Beauty category (29.1%). On the surface it seems they are ahead of the other brands in their category, but number of mentions doesn’t equal “most-engaged.”

That honor goes to Maybelline.

There might be a correlation to engagement and video posts – a popular media type for this category. But again, it’s not simply using video that matters. You must know exactly what kind of videos your audience wants – i.e., behind-the-scenes, how-to, unboxings, etc. – and where they want to view them.

The most loved brand, Essence, shows the highest number of video and image posts, but they are still fourth when it comes to engagements.

So you have to look deeper – always.

There’s more to learn about the Automotive, Fashion, and Luxury categories – so be sure to download the complete NetBase Brand Passion Report 2018: Top Loved Netherlands Brands today.

And be sure to follow us on Twitter May 9th and 10th as we share tips from industry leaders and your peers during NetBase LIVE London. Or reach out to talk to us one-on-one about all social analytics can do for your brand. 



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