Women are the target of many a retail brand – but perhaps none has higher stakes than those that sell bras. When we talk – often – about using sentiment analysis to demystify what your audience wants, we’re talking about exactly what the bra industry is doing. Let’s take a look.

Bra Fit is a Well-Known Pain Point

You don’t have to look hard to find a news outlet, blog, advertisement, or video talking about how to find the perfect fitting bra. Why? Because ill-fitting and uncomfortable bras are a common problem for women, with anywhere from 80% to 100% of women wearing the wrong size and or simply not feeling comfortable in their bra.

Everyone knows the brand that solves this will be sitting pretty.

Some brands already are, actually – and it’s because they’ve figured out exactly what we always recommend: using sentiment analysis to understand what your audience wants. Here’s a look at Emotions the topic of bras elicits:

This is Passion Intensity 101 in the sense that there’s no grey area between the most prominent positive and negative terms. The emotions are not wishy-washy – they’re strong in both directions. Those who wear bras either “love” them, or think they “suck” – there is no middle ground.

Such visceral emotions are helpful for brands paying attention. Exploring what’s behind these Emotions clues you in to the problems in need of solving – as well as what’s working for those celebrating the perfect fit.

Bras are uncomfortable:

And shopping for them is the worst:

Here’s a look at Sentiment and Attributes for search terms “bra shopping”:

They can be pricey:

Which is why finding one you love is such a big deal it’s worth shouting from the rooftops – or Reddit:

Did you catch that? When women find bra nirvana, they share the news – and the brand – in the hopes of helping a sister out. This is a product category made for influencers – both macro and micro.

Beware Competitors Entering the Scene

It’s also a product category ripe for disruption. Major lingerie retailers – like Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant’s Cacique, and department stores like Nordstrom, for example – have historically offered in-store bra fittings to help sell their product. But bra fittings are problematic for a couple reasons:

Even so, it would logically seem that trying on bras is better than ordering online and having to make a return – especially if you’re dealing with an ecommerce company, where returning to a brick-and-mortar store isn’t an option.

But “logic” often falls under the “assumption” umbrella that social analytics constantly proves wrong. Whatever you think you know about your audience, your data will always offer surprises – like online bra companies popping up and crushing it.

If you’re a woman who’s ever even thought about bra shopping, Facebook knows it – and will show you ads for companies like ThirdLove, Brayola (named one of the coolest tech startups in Israel), True&Co. and more. These brands offer questionnaires that help you determine your best fit, and even offer try-before-you-buy options so you don’t lose money if things don’t work out.

And they’re getting a lot of love. Here’s a look at ThirdLove Emotions:

And True & Co:

But that doesn’t mean the love for well-known favorites isn’t strong as well! Disrupters new to the market would be foolish to not keep a close eye on larger competitors, particularly with many people finding the perfect fit at these battle-tested top shops.

And besides, having quality that lasts is always in style, as any lover of Victoria Secret will attest:

Who Is Your Audience?

Meanwhile, another smart thing these new online bra companies do is offer services for men who want to gift bras to their significant others. If this seems like overkill, you obviously haven’t noticed that 40% of the social conversation about bras is coming from men:

Given that walking into a lingerie store often makes men uncomfortable, the option to buy online – with guidance – is sweet indeed.

Let Sentiment Analysis Support Your Brand

The lesson here is simple: Consumer problems are solvable when you use the available data to solve what matters – as opposed to what you assume matters. And when you solve consumer problems, you generate love in return.

Learn from competitors getting lots of love, and soon enough you’ll be one of them.

Have you seen our Next Gen AI supported sentiment analysis in action? Get in touch for a customized demo!


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