Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a 77-store supermarket chain with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland. The family-owned company, founded in 1916, employs over 41,000 people, had 2010 sales of $5.6 billion, and is one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Wegmans has been named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by FORTUNE magazine for fourteen consecutive years. In 2011, Wegmans ranked number three on the list.

Positive Themes

Praise for the Wegmans brand was the most prevalent positive theme.

  • Quote: Originally Posted by Junia Unless I can get a good deal on the name brand I just buy Wegmans brand. In some cases I even prefer their product over the leading brand. Wegmans brands are really good... I only buy their laundry soap now. (source)
  • Wegmans makes the BEST cereals!!! I heart Wegmans!!! (source)
  • “Great selection” was the next biggest theme (although as we’ll see in a minute, not everyone agrees on this).

  • One of my local grocery stores, Wegmans, has an entire diverse section devoted to green stuff, organic stuff, natural things, etc. They call it Nature’s Market. Wegmans rocks! The other day I was in a Nature’s Market, at a location I don’t ordinarily shop at, and they had a few varieties of tea available to sample. How nice… (source)
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Praxis I like TJs frozen foods… and much prefer Wegmans over WF. Wegmans is cheaper and has a better selection.
  • Another common theme was that shoppers simply feel it’s a higher-quality store.

  • Quote: Originally Posted by scrock25 View Post Wegmans should win but won’t because of it’s regional limitations. It’s the best grocery store in the country, hands down. I love going to Wegmans every year! (source)
  • Wegmans is better than Whole Foods or Trader Joes IMHO. (source)
  • Negative Themes

    The biggest complaint about Wegmans? Limited selection. (Yes, “great selection” was the second-biggest positive theme.) A theme within this theme is that the limited selection is a criticism of Wegmans’ strategy of replacing national brands with house brands.

  • I am going to drop Wegmans from my lists! They have so few items that are GG worthy! They are trying to monopolize their stores with their own Wegmans brand and shun the name brands. (source)
  • We’ll walk out with 2-3 grocery bags and end up spending $60 on practically nothing. $60 at Market Basket would get me everything I need for the week. I don’t like Wegmans because mostly everything is Wegmans brand, there are barely any choices. And the Tops and Aldi around here are very dirty…The Targets around here also don’t have groceries. (source)
  • The Wegmans in Hunt Valley has gone way down hill. Many of the different and exciting things are missing. Replaced with a lot of Wegmans brand stufff which is just awful. (source)
  • As always, shoppers are keenly price-sensitive, and “pricey” was the second most-common complaint.

  • Wegmans is a step above. I love Publix though because I can get some less expensive things there as well. Wegmans kills my wallet. (source)
  • My sister and BIL are bringing a caprese salad so that will be a little something extra too. Sounds like a great meal! Pine nuts aren’t cheap anywhere, but Wegmans is expensive in general I think. This is a moot point now though.
  • One unusual theme was negative feedback in the category of “layout of store,” which is actually a complaint about the stores being too big.

  • If you have these three nearby then you don’t need Wegmans. Lowes foods 7.3 miles Fresh Market 10 miles Food Lion 7.3 miles We shop at all three and buy different items from each one. We had Wegmans in NJ but it was too big a store, more like grocery shopping in Costco,.
  • I am not a fan of the baked goods but there is a whole foods across the street which substantially higher prices if I can’t find what I want. One of the delights of TJ’s is it’s size. I am not a fan of Wegmans or full acre grocery stores. I do not need that many choices of brands. I do love the peppermint Jojos at Christmas and the mint chip ice cream they currently stock is great. (source)
  • Insights

    As we saw with other supermarkets, shoppers are divided on the supermarket industry strategy of replacing national brands with house brands. Quality of the house brand clearly varies from product to product, so shoppers’ opinion of this strategy typically depends on what product they buy. With Wegmans, however, we see that many shoppers are opposed to the strategy as a whole, feeling that the house brands are not as good as the national brands and feeling annoyed that they don’t have the choice between a house brand and a national brand.

    Does Wegmans have a “great selection” or a “limited selection”? As we’ve seen before, if the store doesn’t have the one specific product you came to buy, you may write a post that knocks their selection. And many of the “limited selection” posts really refer to the absence of national brands.

    Surprisingly, the quality of customer service was not called out as a major positive theme. The store clearly has happy employees—it was voted the third-best company to work for in the Fortune survey—but apparently that doesn’t come through in customer interactions as much as one might expect.

    Lastly is the price issue, which surfaces with all the supermarkets. A large slice of posters—20 percent—feel the store is “pricey,” but the question is “in comparison to what other store”? While it’s most certainly more expensive than discount supermarkets, most posters felt it was competitive with stores of similar quality.

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