I have very little time for TV, and on the off-chance that I do get to enjoy some time with the tube, I am far more likely to tune in to Jon Stewart than sports. However, with NetBase powering the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, I sometimes get a look at the biggest news in sports, and so far have been educated on everything from basketball to cycling. This week, baseball was the hot topic and the November 17th installment of the WSJ Sentiment Tracker examined the social media response to R.A. Dickey winning the Cy Young Award. 39% of Facebook and Twitter users were happy about this win, while 2% expressed disappointment in the decision, 2% joked around and 57% were excited about the historic value of the win, as Dickey is the first knuckleballer to ever win the award. And, since I didn’t even know a term like “knuckleballer” existed, I am adding that to my newfound sports vocabulary. Check out some more of the knuckleball commentary below:

Shout out to R.A. Dickey on winning the Cy Young…he’s a true grinder and an inspiration!   #knuckleballer

RT @Baseball_Probzs: Trying to hit an R.A. Dickey knuckleball.   #BaseballProblems

MLB reports that R.A. Dickey intimidated Cy Young voters to vote for him with slowly thrown balls that mostly didn’t hit them.   #radickey

What did you think about this award? Do you even watch baseball? J Let me know!


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