Got plans for Sunday, August 30 at 9/8 CST? Of course you do. You will be watching MTV Video Music Awards. More importantly, you’ll want to tune into NetBases’s LIVE Pulse™ during the broadcast and spend the evening with me watching the net sentiment as it develops around the nominees and their hijinks. Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.16.58 AM I will be offering real-time analysis of it all via the Twitter widget, visible on our LIVE Pulse page, to help you make sense of the data as it develops. And as always with the VMA’s, there’s bound to be drama galore. Some things to expect:

  • Miley and Taylor. The “bad blood” between the host and the most nominated artist is likely to result in more explosions than are in Swift’s controversial video. Track net sentiment on the feud as the night goes on.
  • Miley herself. Of course, Miley is renowned for pushing the boundaries of “can-you-do-that-on-tv” as far as they can stretch, so she is likely to offer something that you wouldn’t want to miss. Will it be an entertainment spectacle or a train wreck? Track the reactions during the broadcast.
  • Van Toffler. Sunday marks the last time that the MTV veteran, who exited the network as president in April, will topline the broadcast. It was Toffler who was behind many of the most outrageous elements of past broadcasts, so it’s a good bet that he will make his final outing something to remember.
  • Microsoft Theater. Will the smaller venue result in more immediate, intimate performances (think Adele at the piano in 2011) or will it all feel a bit…small?
  • The Moonman. This year’s redesign by fashion designer Jeremy Scott (who frequently dresses Miley – coincidence?) features a peace sign necklace and sneakers all decked out in the hues of TV color bars. Will it be a hit with viewers?

Who will bring home the award for these three leading categories: Video of the Year, Best Female Video, and Best Male Video? Hang out with me on Sunday and you will be able to see how the nominees rank against each other in real-time and whether online sentiment matches what ultimately happens.

  • “Uptown Funk” has emerged as the summer’s “Margaritaville”; the song every bar band has to cover if they want the audience up on their feet. Does being a favorite of the cover bands translate into a win for Video of the Year for Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars?
  • Fan devotion resulted in an organized voting party in February to ensure Swift’s nomination in the Best Female Video category for “Blank Space.” Is the love intense enough to carry her through to a win or will the some-time critic Niki Minaj – hot off a small-scale scandal concerning fan interactions with her wax likeness in London – carry the vote for “Anaconda”?
  • Ed Sheeran, the second-most nominated artist this year with 6 nominations, is up for Best Male Video for “Thinking Out Loud.” Some early predictions give the edge in this category to “Uptown Funk” but there are many who believe that Sheeran’s romantic video may just carry the night.

Sunday night’s Live Pulse hosted by NetBase will put you at the heart of the action for MTV Video Music Awards – and power your stories you’ll be crafting immediately following the event!

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