Can boardrooms afford to look the other way on social? The answer to the question is a resounding NO. There’s more opportunity than ever before to access, distill and visualize social information in a way that helps executives mitigate risk, sustain positive brand sentiment, and ultimately connect with more customers to grow business.

The visualization of social media — and social media analytics — is the next logical step for the boardroom. Which means it absolutely needs to be the next step for today’s CMOs.

The Power of an Image

Devices and the social network have empowered us to have images at our fingertips 24/7 in our personal lives. This visual trend also significantly impacts businesses. Consider this:

  • Brand Crisis: Consider when employees of a pizza company filmed themselves defacing ingredients and posted the results on YouTube. While a news article describing the incident could have incited reaction, nothing was more destructive than the image of it actually happening — an event that naturally led to the workers being fired and prosecuted.
  • Brand Love: One large retailer solicited user videos of high school seniors reading and reacting to acceptance letters from college, and then included the videos in an advertising campaign showcasing their commitment to educational philanthropy. Recognizing how compelling it is when customers show love for a brand, many companies are now putting user-generated content at the heart of their marketing campaigns.

As more images are shared, there’s more opportunity to understand the social consumer’s net sentiment and passion about brands, both positive and negative and to what extent.

Making Sense of the Data — Visuals Make Sense

While visual posts are clearly important to companies, there’s another variety of visualization that is even more vital. That’s the visualization that summarizes data important to a company — about sales stats, customer satisfaction, brand perception, competitive position, etc. — in a manner that is both easy to understand, digest and act upon.

The CMO who can bring this level of insight is sure to rise to the level of boardroom status sooner rather than later.

Executives have long relied on all manner of visuals in order to gauge how a company is performing. There are reams of numbers and data points that cross the desks of CEOs and CMOs daily. The data provides view into the company’s standing, the success or failure of a new product launch, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, for instance. And now more than ever, social analytics have to be part of the equation.

Visualization in social data analytics provides a tremendous opportunity for marketers to help their executives see not only the right information, but also the best view of that information in order to make the turn-on-a-dime decisions the C-suite needs to make. Social isn’t the only piece of the equation, but it’s an exceptionally valuable source and should be highly visible and included as part of the decision-making process.

Talk to us about the types of social data visualization that’s critical to your business.

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