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Commemorative days are an excellent way to shine light on people, issues, and topics worthy of reflection, or that don’t get their full due in daily life. These range from the fun/silly – like National S’mores Day – to the sociopolitical/serious, like this past Sunday’s Women’s Equality Day.

Here are some insights from the day to illustrate how to use social analytics to join future commemorative day conversations.

Start with the Why

Women’s Equality Day has been celebrated since 1973, commemorating the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1920. This year, however, in light of movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, the broader awakening to ways in which equality is lacking makes the day feel even more important.

Here are some of the Sentiment Attributes on the day, and the week leading up to it, from a search in NetBase Pro:

Sentiment Driver attributes

There are several celebratory terms like “celebrate 19th Amendment,” “celebrate passage,” “honor right,” “celebrate anniversary,” “right thing” and similar.

The one phrase standing out is on the negative front: #WomensEqualityDay 12:30-2:30 #trump admin.

This is a tweet call to action about events happening in Ventura, CA on August 26.

ventura ca event

Aside from a few other low-impact negative terms, the conversation is overwhelmingly positive – as are the Emotions found on social.

sentiment driver emotions

Again, the negative sentiment is relatively benign. One post is being called out for a bad attitude, another shaming the lack of progress around pay equality after nearly 100 years.

Finally, the #1 Behavior – by a huge margin – is Support:

sentiment drivers behaviors

The one negative bit on the Behaviors front is a tweet criticizing President Trump for alleged name-calling of former political aide Omarosa, as reported by the Daily Mail. Not big enough to detract from the positive.

In short, there’s a lot of love for Women’s Equality Day – and love is something you can work with.

The Importance of Who and Where

Of course, it’s not enough to know what’s being discussed – you’ve got to know which channels are being used, and who’s getting it right. Though you want to personalize your posts to your own audience segments, knowing which posts are getting positive feedback helps you understand the best approach.

The top Influencers are an interesting mixed bag – which makes sense for a broad topic like this:

influencers list

Western Union’s Facebook post is noteworthy for two reasons.

  1. It focuses on free programs teaching and empowering young girls in tech career fields to ensure bright futures
  2. It’s on Facebook; Though the majority of the conversation is happening on Twitter and Instagram, the most engaged Influencer post is on Facebook

The lesson here is this: Social analytics are a guide. It’s up to you to look at the data coming through and apply what makes sense for your individual brand, audience, and purpose.

In this case, there are plenty of options available. For Influencers alone we have brands like Western Union, ModCloth and Hallmark, as well as personalities like Alyssa Milano and Ellen DeGeneres (further down the list than our image captures).

Refine Topics with Terms and Hashtags

The terms floating to the top are interesting in that they aren’t tied directly to what we saw in our Sentiment data. This is a good reminder that while there are plenty of social conversations happening at any given time, your focus should be on those that resonate most passionately with your audience.

Looking at Terms under Popular Items may show you conversations breaking through based on keywords alone. It’s up to you to decide if these are more worth using as you engage your audience.

Hashtags are also worth a look – as they tend to be more prominent. Just be sure to look at what’s driving them, as they can span a variety of conversations, influencers, and sentiment.

popular items hashtags

There may also be several hashtags for one theme. For instance, #stopkavanaugh, #uniteforjustice, #scotus and #aca all reference Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Missing from the hashtag list is #ToastToTenacity – inspired by Vision2020’s annual Toast to Tenacity™ event. Though allied organization The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) put out a call to action to post your “toasts” on August 26, using the hashtag, it never really took off.

The take away here is to look to social analytics for guidance – especially if trying to get traction with a new hashtag. Sometimes it’s better to pair a lesser known hashtag with a more prominent one – like #WomensEqualityDay, or even #equality – which shows up on the list above. That way your messaging isn’t lost in the noise.

Vision 2020’s post prior to the day took the right strategy. Unfortunately, the AMWA’s call to action didn’t offer this specific advice.

vision 2020 tweet

How to Use Insights Over the Long Term

With a commemorative day like Women’s Equality Day, you haven’t missed the boat – even if you weren’t aware of the day in the moment, or didn’t know how to jump into the conversation.

The issues driving the day are still present, and it’s far more important to work toward real change versus offering lip service on August 26.

This is where understanding the insights surrounding the day become useful. For example, the English-language conversation isn’t limited to the U.S.:

Geography insights

Global brands would want to explore the conversation in any countries and languages pertinent to them.

Additionally, though the majority of posts coming from women isn’t a surprise, it’s important to identify the men making up the 33% talking about Women’s Equality Day. They are potential allies and influencers for the brands and organizations pushing to create change on the equality front.

So, don’t fret it you weren’t aware on Sunday. Some conversations are bigger than a single day. You still have time to participate and be a force for good. Women around the world will certainly love you for it.

Want to learn more about finding insights through social analytics? Reach out and we’ll give you a demo customized for your brand!



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