santa using tabletThe most important detail to believing the Santa story is the magic the jolly man-in-red possesses, enabling him to do all he does in the span of a single night.

But what if Santa had to rely on social media for his naughty and nice lists? How would he figure out who was deserving, and what they REALLY wanted to make their Christmas wishes come true?

We have a few ideas…

Now that you mention it

Obviously he’d take a look at social mentions – to get the lay of the land if nothing else. He might learn where to send the elves shopping for some key items. But does a mere mention constitute the passion to own that thing? And even if it did, what if that person is on the naughty list?

Surely Santa would need to dig a little deeper to gather the right intelligence. Because mentions alone don’t offer much insight. He’d have to know the sentiment behind everyone’s Christmas wishes. How do they FEEL about that pair of skis they retweeted? What other social pieces contribute to this holiday puzzle?

Naughty need not apply

Well first he’d want to know who NOT to reward. Filtering by geographic locations and negative sentiment, he’d decide who is getting coal this year, and map out his delivery route.

Of course he’d have to be careful that what appeared to be negative conversation actually WAS – by accounting for sarcasm, slang, and emojis. He certainly wouldn’t want to leave out someone who was indicating positive sentiment just because they did it in an unusual way.

Good thing the NetBase Slanguage Tracker can understand these popular forms of human language, and get the clear meaning across to inform Santa’s actions.

A time of miracles

Santa wouldn’t take any chances on another Cabbage Patch Doll or Tickle Me Elmo debacle. He’d dig into social data to find the top trending toys, and be sure the elves worked extra hard to keep the most popular items stocked up to the last minute.

And what about the really special people on the nice list? The ones who deserve everything their hearts desire? How would he use social media to surprise them in the best possible way? He’d look past broad demographics, and drill down for the best insights to determine which toys would be best suited for specific kids. How? By:

  • Looking at different audiences, and seeing what matters most to them – what/who they love, what they eat, the causes they care about most, and anything else they talk about.
  • Looking for adjacencies among these social users to create new audience segments – like girls who love reading in bed, Star Wars, and the color pink.
  • Getting the elves busy on something special, tailored exactly to them. Like pink Princess Leia pajamas, fluffy pillows, and books by favorite authors.

These personalized surprises would generate all the Christmas cheer needed for Santa’s sleigh to operate at full capacity, not to mention inspire some sharing about what being “nice” gets you.

Because Santa really does want everyone to be nice.

And of course, Santa would use NetBase to do all this sifting through massive social data – because he’d need to keep up with changing wishes in real-time.

Social media would become the new Christmas list – making Santa’s life easier, and saving a lot of trees to boot!

Of course, as long as Santa has magic, he probably won’t need social data – but YOU can certainly take advantage of all that NetBase can do for your social media wish-granting this season. We’ll keep the milk and cookies out in case you decide to visit. Ho, ho, ho!

Image from Matti Mattila

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