While pretty much everyone is gearing up for the end-of-year holidays – some of which involve reindeer – we’re focused on a deer of our own: Deer Valley, UT, the site of the Digiday Brand Summit.

The annual conference, where brand marketing leaders share their strategies, takes place December 7-9 this year, and NetBase CMO Pernille Bruun-Jensen will be presenting.

Awakening your marketing with A3D

Pernille will talk about our newest product, Audience 3D™ (A3D), which uses Twitter’s Audience Insights API to really dig into social consumers’ perception of brands and products.

She’ll share how A3D works, why it’s so vital to marketing campaigns, and how we used it recently to see Star Wars fans in a new light.

There’s a lot to be learned about the Star Wars audience – which transcends age and gender demographics entirely, and offers up new segments based on fans who ALSO love everything from watching Dr. Who, to getting tattoos, to eating pizza, tacos, and Nutella (not all at once!).

There are insights you never could have guessed – and that is precisely why detailed social data matters. Every audience you explore can be examined from new and varying perspectives.

Becoming the consumer

What our Star Wars insights reveal is that consumers are far more complicated than we tend to consider in our marketing strategies. Social data has evolved past vanity metrics like retweets, likes and mentions. Brands seeking to lead today must get to know the humans behind the data to create personalized and curated experiences. It’s a whole new game.

A3D helps brands do this by leveraging a 3-step approach:

  1. See the world through consumers’ eyes. When you do you can find and create new audiences beyond premade demographics
  2. Ask your own questions about an audience. How do they feel about specific products? What are their life interests? What events are they excited about? What are their favorite foods? Yes – all of these matter!
  3. Really know who you’re targeting. With personal insights and a personal view, you can create individualized messaging that resonates and is relevant.

As Pernille observed in a recent webinar: “There’s no excuse to not intimately understand and know what customers want, and how to delight them. And how we can create better experiences as marketers.”

This is because the insights are there – waiting to be discovered and leveraged. But doing so may require a change of thinking by some brands and marketers.

The experience IS the brand

It’s all about looking at the interactions between brands and consumers differently. We used to tell consumers what they needed, Don Draper style. But with social media all of that is long gone.

The audience is in charge – and they have audiences of their own on social. They’re sharing all the time, and if you want them to pay attention to – and share about – your brand, you’ve got to get better at listening. Focus on building experiences that win them over, and establishing emotional connections.

Because their experience with your brand is your brand.

See you there

We’re excited to share even more with you in Deer Valley. We’ll be in great company amongst huge, successful brands like Chipotle Mexican Grill, Cisco, Priceline, Carmax and many, many others, all speaking about how they do what they do on social media. We can’t wait to share the experience with them, and with all of you.

Planning to attend Digiday Brand Summit? Look for us there! If not, reach out to hear more about what A3D can do for your brand in 2016.

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