How to Search and Find the Top Twitter Trends  

Understanding the top twitter trends helps brands message out in a way that resonates with consumers. And in this post, we’ll share how to optimize your Twitter trends search to explore hashtags, find emerging trends and participate in a way that really moves that marketing needle!

We’ll also explore Twitter’s third annual report, The Conversation: Twitter Trends 2022, as it details the top trends from January 2020 through December 2021. This is key intel to have – and straight from the hashtag horse’s mouth, so you can trust that they know what they’re talking about.


Exploring Hashtags for Trending Topics

Adding hashtags to your brand strategy offers a great way to connect and engage with relevant audiences. But the trick – and the place where many fail, is using hashtags in a way that isn’t forced. And getting this right is essential anywhere online, but it’s particularly critical on Twitter, as it’s the birthplace of our current hashtag usage online. And its users take it seriously.

Hashtags create an easy way to manage and follow conversations online, and they also offer savvy brands endless supplies of promotional juice when approached strategically. We’ll get to that in just a bit when we discuss how brands participate in Twitter trends.

Twitter trends are born in stages, and if visualized, would look like the beginning phases of a fan-created wave at a football stadium. Hesitant and faulting at first, but picks up energy and enthusiasm in waves that can pop up at any time. And even when they aren’t actively jumping out of their seats, that enthusiasm about the trend remains. This makes it important to identify trends early and track them over time, as brands can miss out on that under the surface purchase intent if they aren’t listening closely!

How do brands perform a Twitter trends search to find these waves? That’s next.

Performing a Twitter Trends Search

Your Twitter trends search begins with an exploration of the hashtags taking over your category, but that’s far from the end. Understanding the hashtags popular right now lends context to a more in-depth exploration of the space.

One can start with a location-based exploration of trending conversations. And assuming you’ve carefully curated your brand’s presence on Twitter, the “For you” tab will offer additional relevant insight:


In NetBase QuidTM, brands and agencies create a topic search around their brand, category or an event. They then isolate Twitter conversation around this topic for a snapshot of the conversation volume and its associated sentiment, on any given day:


Brands can then dig into their Twitter trends search to see what was being discussed specifically on the days that experience noticeable increases or declines in sentiment or mentions. With a click, brands can see whether a spike in mention volume was due to a new marketing campaign that’s really resonating – or something else entirely. And with net sentiment tracked in tandem, brands quickly get to the bottom of any fluctuation worthy of further investigation.

For example, Bridge Organic restaurant’s #IAmOrganified was winning at the brand awareness game on Dec 6, 2021:


But that’s not all, as an overarching view of the space, with conversational clusters grouped for real-time analysis, is equally valuable – potentially more so. Here, we can spot emerging trends to get ahead of, using our current trends’ intel (above) to inform our efforts.


Shifting focus to a timeline view, we can reveal smaller slices of the conversation and understand topics discussed that are lingering below the surface and could significantly impact the organic food industry. Here, our Twitter trends search reveals the ‘great organic food fraud’ conversation offers a case in point. Below, we’ve pinpointed where in the world the conversation is happening, as well as its apparent staying power, months after the triggering event.


Consumers hold onto things much longer than brands realize, particularly those that relate to building a better world – online and off. And this ties in with Twitter’s trend search report

Consumers Create Twitter Trends & Brands Must Listen

In its report, Twitter “analyzed “billions of Tweets over a two-year period to find three must-know trends about to go big.” And the iconic microblogging channel identified “the three biggest movements in conversation on its platform: The Great Restoration, Fan-Built Worlds and Finance Goes Social.”

You’ll want to check out the report, but we’ll elaborate a bit on the findings, adding some of our own intel to help put it in context for those wondering what to do with this Twitter trends search insight.

Its first trend is no surprise to anyone participating online. The Great Restoration speaks to personal self-care and corporate sustainability. If your brand hasn’t considered its impact on the environment and shared a plan for improvement with consumers, it needs to. And the “plan” needs to be realistic and trackable, or you’ll lose points for ‘greenwashing.’ In the near future, consumer calls to action will become impossible to ignore and will deal an expensive blow to the bottom line of brands caught unprepared.


And even for the self-care side, which isn’t explicitly mentioned, but implied – younger consumers are willing to pay more (much more) for sustainable products. These consumers are the future of your business, so ignoring them is decidedly unwise.

The other two are interesting and timely, particularly the fan-built worlds.

Twitter Trends for Forward-planning

Fan-built worlds: Although it sounds very much like the metaverse, the meaning here is a bit different and less ‘all tech’ than the Ready Player One scenario this initially conveys. There’s talk of crypto, NFTs and cosplay, but it all comes down to creating a sense of community for your consumers – and that can take on any number of appearances. Fans, followers and detractors are the forces that make or break a brand, so building a space where you endear consumers to your offerings is important.

Consumers not only need to view your product as the best one on the market, they need to connect with the overall value you offer – or with “who” you are. And this can be fuzzy. Your soap not only cleans, but has a distinct citrus smell and was created by a man who lives in a large house with 100 cats – whom you photograph diligently for fans, as they’re all cat lovers.

Or you don’t just offer a razor, it’s a manscaping tool offered along with witty commentary and a community that loves to laugh. There’s niche to found and consumers are more than happy to help you find it. They’re talking about it right now, in fact. Are you listening

And finally – the “Finance Goes Social” trend, where Twitter shares that “investing has entered the chat.” There’s a good bit of @FinTwit conversation happening and that may prove beneficial. We’ve seen similar Reddit chatter move markets, so this is definitely something to watch in the financial services space. And with brands like Tesla and others offering to accept cryptocurrency as payment, the option may be one your consumers appreciate. They’ll tell you if it’s truly worth your while yet – or ever, if you track the trends and listen.

Overall, the emerging topics of tomorrow are slowly percolating underneath the surface today. Having the ability to catch sight of them early with a Twitter trends search, and using it to enhance those fan-built worlds (at the least) is something to invest in, perhaps ahead of diving into NFTs. Reach out for a demo and we can show you how brands are generating meaningful, trackable ROI with solid ‘trend’ work today!


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