NetBase Quid® & Twitter Offer Advanced Futbol Insights!
Rebekah Paul |
 11/09/22 |
4 min read

NetBase Quid® & Twitter Offer Advanced Futbol Insights!

The World Cup is almost upon us and this is a huge opportunity for brands everywhere to capture the attention of loyal futbol fans. And we’re going to show you how, with the help of valuable insight from Twitter!


Rooted in social media data, NetBase Quid® and Twitter explore the futbol community in the Birdseye Report on Futbol Communities on Twitter. We share details to inform capturing the attention of various segments by tracking consumer conversation and uncovering audience attributes––crucial elements that support getting your brand messaging correct.

But, before we run the field, let’s look at how sports and Twitter have become BFFs:

  • There are 30 sports Tweets per second
  • And 24M unique authors (+59% daily avg. author growth), specifically tweeting about sports.

Additionally, Twitter mentions of futbol-related keywords increased by 114% in the past year alone!

So, if you’re new to the futbol scene, strap on your cleats! Let’s explore how advanced futbol insights can help you stay on top of consumer behaviors and emerging trends within different targeted communities.

Futbol in The Limelight on Twitter

Half of the world’s population is addicted to futbol––that’s 4-5 billion people. And there has been a massive increase in YOY growth of social conversations surrounding it, even though the  World Cup hasn’t even begun yet.

And where are consumers talking about it? Twitter. And why not? Twitter provides a unique platform for sports in general. It’s fast-moving and Twitter provides a platform that can keep pace, with a data stream that moves as fast as players run the field!

But it’s not just during the game that fans look to discuss sports. Our report revealed that fans love to discuss futbol outside that 90-minute window. By using audience segmentation, we discovered that fans were discussing tournaments, leagues, players, and teams at all hours of day and night leading up to the big game, and also after the winners were decided.

And this group of futbol fans is only growing. Tracking consumer conversations reveals futbol tweets surging around the world:

users tweeting about futbol globally

This is a world-wide phenomenon, and one brands can leverage to get their product or service in view of relevant consumers. But brands need to know the who and what of Twitter conversations if they hope to capture the right consumers’ attention.

Advanced Futbol Insights Reveal Audience Attributes

So, who is having these conversations? Are they young or old? Are the male, female, or non-binary?  And do they like eating cheetos while they watch The World Cup?

As they say, the devil is in the details––and we reveal these attributes in our report.

For example, by using consumer insights and tracking consumer conversations we see that females are leading the charge on futbol Tweets. And those aged 35 years and younger are chatting the most:

females tweeting about futbol by age

In fact, from 2021 to 2022, women out-tweeted their male #Fútbol fan counterparts by 22%, with females leading many #futbol conversations online. These are big shifts which lead to big opportunities, assuming you get your messaging right.

Personalized messaging is critical. A survey with 1,000 participants found that 80% of consumers are more inclined to do business with a brand that personalizes their experience with personalized messaging.

When designing ads or messaging for events, it’s critical to pinpoint audience attributes – otherwise your messaging could be kicking the ball in the wrong direction.

Imagine assuming that the futbol conversation was mostly male led? Creating ads curated for that audience only would totally neglect and alienate the female and non-binary portion, and brands would miss out on opportunities for growth and increased revenue.

If you go off assumptions or you don’t know who is talking, you can’t create messaging specifically for them.

And these attributes go beyond basic demographics. With social media analytics you can segment your audience by profession, what they eat, whether they drive a car or bike to work, and so much more. Each data point provides additional opportunities for brands to stand out with audiences and connect meaningfully through messaging.

But tracking consumer conversation can also uncover market opportunities beyond creating ads.

Consumer Conversations Reveal Market Opportunities

Sometimes, related topics lead to new market opportunities. Tracking Twitter futbol conversations doesn’t just reveal who is talking but what they’re talking about.

For example, our findings showed a craze for digital collectibles known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the #fútbol fandom. In fact, these NFT conversations have exploded by 1,092% from 2021 to 2022.

This seemingly small (okay, not so small) detail can reap big benefits for brands. It’s a chance for brands to get in on the NFT conversation, create NFTs that are possibly futbol-focused and targeted towards these audiences.

And if you think NFTs aren’t worth it – think again. During August alone, the trading volume for NFTs surged over $5 billion making it a record-breaking month.

Tracking consumer conversations and applying the right messaging, assists brands in reaching fans broadly across regions, audience demographics, and in the virtual world. And it creates opportunities you may have never thought of otherwise.

If you’re interested in our other futbol findings, download NetBase Quid’s® Birdseye Report: Futbol. And if you’re curious about how audience segmentation, consumer insights, and tracking consumer conversations can help your brand stand out with any sports crowd, reach out for a demo!


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