Hi everyone, 

This past Wednesday NetBase attended Twitter’s annual Flight developer conference in San Francisco. The conference was packed with eager developers waiting to hear about the latest product news and features. 


NetBase Coverage:

As you heard from last week, one of the biggest announcements for NetBase had to do with Gnip’s Audience API providing granular info about brands’ audiences. Chris Moody, VP of Data at Twitter shared in his keynote that they’re starting to surface demographic and psychographic analysis that they’ve never been able to see before: 


Target’s social command center was also featured during the talk highlighting the importance of engaging with customers realtime and having access to Twitter data. 


To see the video  click here

And during one of the breakout sessions Rob Johnson, Head of Product at Twitter gave NetBase praise for being their first Audience API launch partner. 


To see the announcement, from Bob, click here


Thanks for everyone who helped make this a successful and memorable event for NetBase!

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