Top 10 Twitter Analytics Free Tools

Twitter is one of the most recognizable social media platforms around. And people flock to it for any number of reasons such as news, memes, professional connections and even shopping. In order to make the most of this tweetable space, companies need dependable social media analytics tools to help read between the lines. And we are going to explore the best free Twitter analytics tools out there.

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But first, these Twitter stats reveal why it’s a crucial platform to monitor:

And before we get into those free Twitter analytics tools, let’s go over what Twitter analytics are and why you need them.

What are Twitter Analytics?

Twitter analytics measure your successful reach and engagement on Twitter. It details how your ad efforts are succeeding or failing and it reveals whether or not your audience is paying attention to you or scrolling on by. In short, Twitter analytics keep you up to date on your consumers and how your brand is performing with them.

As an example, NetBase Quid’s summary metrics reveal sentiments, mentions, posts and potential impressions surrounding a top coffee company on Twitter. These peaks and valleys reveal a lot about the audience of this brand, and also about the brand itself.

Here, we see how often the brand is mentioned or posted about, as well as how far these tweets could potentially reach. Additionally, there’s sentiment thrown in, tracking the brand’s fickle online consumer base.

With Twitter analytics, you can measure your impact with your audience. An in-depth dive can reveal:

  • Engagements – your rate and types of engagements (likes, comments, retweets)
  • Active Times – when are your consumers most active? This intel will help you know when to post to gain the most traction, and what days are the busiest so you can maximize your presence
  • Hashtag and keyword popularity – which hashtags and keywords gain the most attention
  • Influencers – there are influencers everywhere, including on Twitter. The right Twitter tool can seek them out and track their true impact, which is hidden behind surface popularity.
  • Trends – look at peaks and valleys in your audience engagements and then uncover the root cause behind them.
  • Tweet performance – compare your tweets against one another to find out what works best, and what requires rethinking
  • Demographics – get to know your audience and target their interests. The best demographics go beyond just ethnicity, age and location. A great tool should include interests, professions, brands in common, etc.

Additionally, you can use Twitter analytics to compare your monthly performance, benchmarking against previous efforts. And you can also use them for a competitor comparisons too.

Why Do Brands Need Them?

If a brand wants to effectively reach an audience, Twitter analytics are a must. Twitter analytics reveal what makes your audience tick.

They can reveal audience likes and dislikes, their passions and then round the intel out with psychographic intel, like their professions. All of this intel helps you get your language just right for targeted advertisements, or even just daily content.

And, importantly, it reveals who your audience is listening to. Who are the top influencers – and what are the Key Opinion leaders talking about these days? With this intel you can put the knowledge to work for you and your brand.

It keeps your brand moving smoothly forward like a well-oiled machine, as it tells you when you’re on target, or when you might be missing your mark. Essentially, having Twitter analytics saves you a lot of wasted guessing time and gives you data you can depend on for marketing, benchmarking, product innovation and much more!

Understanding What Works

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But on the other hand, if it is malfunctioning in a small way, you need to be able to pinpoint where and get to work on mending the break. Brands need to know what’s working, and what isn’t – otherwise you’re making dangerous guesses. And it’s time and money best spent elsewhere.

So, let’s take a look at those Twitter Analytics free tools that will help your brand stay in tip-top shape!



You’re not the only fish in the sea, and with Vaizle’s free Twitter analytics tool, you can discover and compare your competition’s efforts to your own. It can help you measure the impact of executed strategies and set realistic performance benchmarks. And although it’s not in-depth, it is a great and quick way to get a snapshot of how your business is faring.


TwitonomyThis tool tracks the growth of your followers, and it can pull insights on them, as well as known influencers. You can analyze tweets, retweets and replies

It will reveal who among your followers is the most active with your brand, and who is retweeting your content. Likewise, you can identify those who don’t follow you back and analyze their posts to see if there are any clues, such as commonly used keywords, that could help you recapture their attention.

And as bonus, you can use these same analytics on any brand’s Twitter account, helping you keep an eye on the competition


bufferThis one makes our list frequently for all sorts of reasons. And that’s because it’s a solid and simple free Twitter analytics tool for those wanting Twitter analytics on a smaller scale.

Mostly known as a scheduler for your daily tweets, Buffer also boasts analytics that easily track the best times to post content to the masses for the highest engagement rates. Once you’ve posted, you can separate and view your post results by most clicks or highest engagements. And you can further dissect it and view intel on clicks, followers, impressions, and similar metrics. All of this is fully exportable

Twitter Analytics

twitter analyticsGo straight to the source and use Twitter’s own social media tools. It offers a 28-day review, which includes intel on your tweet count, impressions, mentions, profile visits and followers. Additionally, it offers a month-by-month summary so you can compare your present performance to your past efforts.

Under their audience tab you can discover critical demographics highlighting your audience’s lifestyle as well as consumer behavior. Use this for creating targeted messaging that will reel your audience in.



See your Twitter account mapped out in a visual way that easily reveals your top followers and who they’re interacting with as well as top hashtags that are being used by them. This Twitter analytics free tool offers a few maps to help identify how you’re performing – these are Mentionmapp, Retweetmap, and a Retweet Cloud.

The user can switch between these maps/clouds to see a map of brand mentions to see who’s talking about you and how many people the conversations has reached. Or you can see who is retweeting your content and the engagements it has received.

And Mentionmapp’s retweet cloud assigns sentiment to the user who retweeted the item. This is helpful in identifying influencers, or just measuring how well one of your retweeted posts is doing. Another bonus, the maps are customizable for efficient navigation.


follower wonk

As the name suggests, this tool is all about followers. It tracks users, sorts them into categories, even compares them. And this is specifically helpful when using this free Twitter analytics tool not just on your account, but on the competition’s! You have to know how to do a bit of spying if you hope to beat your competition, after all. And rthis way you can track what they’re doing right – and emulate that for yourself.

One aspect of this tool that we think is a standout is something called Social Authority. This is a tool specifically aimed towards locating and scoring possible influencers. Users are scored from 1-100, with the higher number indicating a stronger influence (mor authority).


foller me

What are some of the topics that are trending with your competitors or just followers in general? can tell you.

It’s free Twitter analytics tool provides info on all your followers including a tag cloud identifying trending topics and hashtags. This way you can see what your audience finds interesting and use it to post content or develop ideas for upcoming products. With competitors, you can use this cloud to identify topics that are trending for them and jump on that same train.

You can click on the topic cloud and it will take you to tweets on that specific topic. Or click on the hashtag cloud and it will do the same. The rest of its analytics are really basic and don’t offer much, but for discovering trending topics, you can’t go wrong with this one.



This tool is free so long as you only need it for five accounts. Any more than that and you’ll need to pay extra. That being said, it’s a solid free Twitter analytics tool.

Hootsuite provides information on follower count, influencer identification, trends, sentiments, audience behaviors and of course, tweet performance. Use social listening to listen in on important conversations your consumers are having. Then use their demographics to sort them for better targeted messaging for future campaigns.

And monitoring keywords and emojis for positive sentiment is available here as well. Knowing what people are saying is one thing, understanding the emotion driving those words is quite another. Having the ability to understand atweet in its totality informs you on your next move.

Hootsuite integrates easily with NetBase Quid for a fuller understanding that goes beyond just basic metrics.


hypeauditorThis one focuses primarily on influencers. If you’re looking to ‘up’ your brand profile a bit, then an influencer can easily help you there. But first you have to know where to look, and how they’re performing with your target audience.

Not everyone can get The Rock as an influencer, and in fact micro influencers are often more effective with consumers. But regardless, once you know who you want to track, just put their Twitter handle in and see their Twitter stats come alive. You can look at frequency of tweets, engagements, growth and the type of content they post.

Social Bearing

social bearing

Though basic, it’s super easy to use, and Social Bearing offers very clear results. Think of it as google search bar for Twitter analytics.

You can search profiles, or specific tweet topics. There’s a location tool as well which allows the user to type in a keyword and a location to view the frequency in which its being discussed. This is helpful for targeting specific geo locations. Additionally, you can see how often your brand is mentioned within an area, giving you an idea of brand saturation within a specific town, city or state.

There are a lot of Twitter analytics free tools out there, and they all offer something that is eye opening. However, having one tool that includes everything and has the ability to dive a little deeper is becoming more important with each passing day, particularly as online saturation in general grows. If you’re ready to explore further and get solid results in one spot, reach out for a demo!

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