Enhancing Twitter Analytics Advertising Options

Though the approach has changed, advertising is still a big part of how brands use Twitter – and the social analytics found there. To that end, Twitter offers built-in analytics to help brands understand their audiences – but AI Analytics can supplement that data for even more precise audience targeting, with the ability to discover, segment, track and measure.

What Does the Basic Blueprint Tell You?

Twitter’s built-in analytics give you the overview of your audience on that channel by tracking metrics like:

  • Tweets (plus Top Tweets, Tweets and Replies, Promoted, Impressions, Engagements, and Engagement Rate)
  • Impressions (plus link clicks, retweets, likes and replies)
  • Profile visits
  • Mentions
  • Followers (gained/lost)
  • Audience interests, gender, country, region (plus option to compare to another audience)
  • Events – including location, duration, and audience size
  • Recurring trends – i.e., #FBF (FlashbackFriday), #FF (FollowFriday), etc

These – along with Twitter’s Advanced Search feature – are a great place to start. But advertising is now a long game – one based on building relationships and understanding social audiences. For that you need to take overarching analytics and look deeper – to the sentiment behind the insights, and which interests take precedence with your target consumers.

Zooming in to Audience Interests

If you want to offer up the most effective and resonant messaging to your audience, you have to discover as much as you can about what matters to them.

For instance, if “music” comes up as one of the interests of your Twitter audience, how can you use that to your advantage? By analyzing music as a category to see what people in that segment love about it – and how that ties it to your brand or industry and your audience.

It’s a category that generates a lot of conversation…

As well as a lot of love – so if you have audience crossover here, music could certainly be a great way to connect with these consumers.

The conversation is happening on a few key channels – but Twitter has the most volume by far:

What’s important to remember is music fans – and even artists – often talk about more than just music, so it’s important to track those conversations. They can span topics like personal development…




And finding a vibe to power you through your weekend – via supporting other artists are all part of the discussion.

The Top Posts above come from the most influential voices, of course – but they are often the ones who set the tone for their followers. And you can see by the engagement they get that there’s interest there.

But where Twitter’s analytics stop, tools with sentiment analysis let you see the emotional drivers behind the conversation – revealing what inspires feelings and action in your audience.

Like Attributes – which tell you which terms are popping in the conversation:

And Things:

For this audience – which may be a segment of your audience – music is “therapy” and “playlists” are key.

Gucci seems to have figured this out…

Their #GucciGig campaign spotlights #GucciEyewear, making the most of musical influencers via live performances, images, videos, and Spotify playlists.

Once you know what motivates your audience – you know how to “sell” to them. It’s less about promotions and ads than it used to be – so social relationship-building, and using influencers, is critical to your success.

Creating Content with Reach

The right content also matters – and that’s something else you can uncover with AI Analytics tools that enhance Twitter’s offerings and meaningfully measure success.

For example, if you’re a food or kitchen appliance brand, the subject of cooking would be one your audience probably cares about. So, you’d want to explore what exactly matters – and what are the emotions on that topic.

Some love an organized kitchen. Others hate cooking certain types of food, like bacon. Others want info on cooking for specific lifestyles – like keto.

Understanding these emotions clues you in to not just how to advertise your products solving these problems – or enhancing that love – but can inspire the next appliance you offer, or even an innovative update to something you already sell.

Meanwhile, the prominence of an Attribute like “cooking video”…

…tells you the type of content your audience finds appealing.

Cuisinart is a brand that made smart use of such insights – and surprises – when they were do early prep for their holiday ad campaigns. They not only discovered their audience wanted more how-to recipe videos, they found an entirely new holiday their audiences wanted recipes for.

Imagine the competitive possibilities of being the only brand attuned to such insights – and taking action?

Advertising has changed since Twitter and other social networks entered the scene, but that’s really just a technicality. Sales has always been about knowing the customer – and with enhanced Twitter analytics, you can know yours as well as you know yourself.

Just apply the right tools and you can’t help but hit the mark.

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