How Consumer & Market Research Enhances Twitter Ad Strategy

How can you create high-performing ads on Twitter? With consumer and market intelligence that complements Twitter’s internal analytics. Here are some tips to help companies improve their chances of designing engaging and successful advertising on Twitter.

The importance of market insights for brand strategy

Did you know that Twitter regularly shares tips gathered from its own internal research around how to expand reach on its site? Its recent Ads Best Practices guide offers expert tips on how to improve ROI via Promoted Ads and Follower Ads, which are targeted to specific audiences. And there are many different audience types to consider on Twitter––ranging in age and interests.

In our niche audience example below, which is focused on “Fitness” followers on Twitter, audience interests and other demographic insight span a range of options––and successfully targeting them requires understanding who they are beyond their love of fitness!

Twitter Fitness

As you get started, it’s always good to revisit your Twitter ad strategy for some typical mistakes detailed in the guide. For instance, Twitter notes that brands are usually tempted to include unnecessary hashtags and mentions to their ads. This actually has the opposite effect and drives people away from the ad, as they explore the links––which are likely not taking them to your desired destination.

It is important to offer your audience valuable info, but that can happen in other ways – preferably (and optimally) by finding and joining ongoing conversations with them!

Find and Join Ongoing Conversations

Twitter reminds advertisers that when planning campaigns, they should find opportunities to connect with what is going on at the time. This makes sense. Rather than recreating the conversation wheel, it is often more effective to add to the topics your consumers are engrossed in at the moment. This applies to both organic tweets and promoted ads.

How do you find these conversations? Our consumer intelligence platform makes this incredibly easy. Through social media analytics, you can discover these conversations and also gauge how popular particular topics are compared to other simultaneously discussed subjects. This can help you remove the guesswork, so you can quickly find conversations that align your brand with and optimize spending on your ads.

But don’t forget the sentiment side of a conversation. Recklessly adding to topics can lead to reputation crises. Sentiment analysis allows you to uncover the underlying feelings surrounding a particular discussion with natural language processing (NLP) to analyze words people and the emotional drivers behind them. You can use this not just to avoid being caught up in certain conversations, but also know how to enter those that you need to join.


Word cloud demonstrating consumer sentiment around a music genre.

Once you have this information, you can create an ad to suit the moment. The goal is to make your ad engaging by being relatable to your audience. And your conversion rate is sure to increase if you do this.

The importance of market insights for brand strategy

Plan Successful Product Launches

Research has shown that up to 30,000 new products are introduced to the market each year and approximately 95% of them fail. (Granted, this claim has been disputed.) The large volume must have something to do with it – there are just too many options. Also, this failure rate varies across industries. But what factors are you in control of that you can manipulate to improve your probability of success? Twitter is a great place to improve your odds.

Understanding product demand can go a long way and Twitter is a great platform to do this as it offers intel that helps define your target audience and analyze trending topics. Twitter provides a powerful feature called audience insights for advertisers to understand key audiences on the platform. Use it is to know more about your followers and people who engage with your content and to identify new audiences.

A consumer analysis on audience insights.

Consumer analysis on audience insights.

The other way to understand product demand is by analyzing trending topics via AI technology that monitors the volume of the conversation, specific mentions, sentiment, and passion around the topic area.

Summary metrics breakdown in NetBase Quid.

Summary metrics breakdown in NetBase Quid.

You can use this capability pre-, during, and post-launch to measure your product launch KPIs. This is what Taco Bell did when launching a first-time breakfast menu. Issues arose during the launch on the East Coast about long lines and shortages. This discovery made through monitoring mentions on Twitter through NetBase Quid allowed them to fix those issues before launching on the West Coast so that customers in this region had no challenges getting their breakfast. It’s just one example you can use to make your next product launch successful.

Monitor & Improve Campaign Performance

Brands must take things a step further (beyond what we’ve mentioned above) and constantly monitor and tweak messages, which is another pointer addressed in Twitter Ads Best Practices.

Using Rival IQ, you can even monitor your competitor’s campaigns on the platform, tracking the amount of traffic your competition receives from Twitter, when they launch campaigns, how their campaigns perform, and how this compares to their other social media accounts. These metrics are available through your Twitter Analytics dashboard on Rival IQ.

For instance, you can see how your competitor’s videos are performing including the views, replies, impressions, and clicks.

Whole Foods video broken down on Rival IQ.

Whole Foods video broken down on Rival IQ.

You can combine such insights with your own to not only compare your campaign performance but more importantly, improve it.

Twitter has given important guidelines on how to boost the performance of your visual ads, noting that 97% of users focus on visual content. On videos, the Best Practices guide says you need at least one in your campaign. It should be highly focused and short (15 seconds or less) and it should be designed to grab the attention of the user with instant or almost instant movement. It should include captions or text overlay for the sake of mobile and sound-off viewers and your branding should be prominent. For images and GIFs, make sure the imagery matches the tweet copy.

Through insights generated from both NetBase Quid’s and Rival IQ’s ad tracking capabilities, you can monitor your ads on Twitter and strategically adjust them to improve performance. You can target different audiences for a time to see how they react to your messaing and experiment with different formats. This process may take some time but in the end, your campaign will be highly optimized to not just exceed your historical performance but also surpass the competition.

How do you rate your advertising success on Twitter? Use the insights gathered from NetBase Quid and note the difference it makes to your overall ROI. If you’d like a refresher on how to use our platform or haven’t started taking advantage of our best-in-class capabilities yet, reach out for a demo today!

The importance of market insights for brand strategy

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