TrustRadius TrustMaps™ Put NetBase at Top

Kimberly Surico |
 12/02/15 |
2 min read

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TrustRadius, the most trusted online product review site for enterprise software, has released two new TrustMaps, which are “two-dimensional charts that compare products based on end-user satisfaction ratings and research frequency by prospective buyers.”

And NetBase is top rated on both the Social Media Management Tools and Social Media Monitoring Tools TrustMaps!

User reviews matter most

Why are we so proud about making a mark on these latest TrustMaps? Well, TrustRadius is considered the “Consumer Reports” for enterprise software, offering an “honest, knowledgeable, and outspoken” community for enterprises to rely on as they’re choosing technology to run their businesses.

As we noted in a previous post, “People are always more apt to use a product or service that comes highly recommended from a trusted source.” And no source is more trustworthy than the good word of other consumers.

Nothing makes us happier than satisfied clients sharing how NetBase has helped them exceed their goals using our products. Especially knowing that on TrustRadius, “Every reviewer is authenticated and every review vetted before publishing.”

How ratings are determined

The TrustMap reports combine data based on user satisfaction and evaluation frequency by users from companies of all sizes. User satisfaction is measured based on “likelihood to recommend.” Evaluation frequency ratings are measured by unique page views – an indication of product growth or momentum, according to TrustRadius.

“Products must have 10 or more ratings to appear on the TrustMap,” according to the site, “and those above the median line are considered Top Rated” – which is where you’ll find NetBase for both social media management and social media monitoring!

As for the offerings our customers on TrustRadius consider important for social media management and monitoring software, it’s practically a list of NetBase features:

  • Sentiment analysis based on natural language processing
  • Twitter API (“firehose”) access – which we’ve got, along with Twitter Audience API access, Tumblr firehose access, and Facebook PYLON too!
  • Ability to monitor consumers “in the wild” on social

To name a few. And of course, we’re continuing to up our game with new offerings, like our recently released Audience 3D.

Though much has changed in the industry, even in the short two years since TrustRadius published its first Buyer’s Guide to Social Media Management Software in November 2013, one thing hasn’t changed: Social media is still a crucial part of the marketing equation of any enterprise.

So forgive us our immodesty today, but in this competitive space of social listening software, it’s cause for celebration when we get affirmation from our customers that we are delivering on our mission to help them understand what’s happening in the social landscape, and how to use that knowledge to build better relationships with consumers.

If you’re ready to do the same, reach out here for more info about our suite of top rated social management and social monitoring products!

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