Let’s face it. If you’re in business you have to use email. Even if you’re not in business you have to use email. Well, just about everyone who uses the internet is stuck in the inbox nowadays.

People aren’t just checking and sending email – they’re talking about their email too. In fact, over a 1 year period from October 2011 to October 2012 there were nearly 14 million mentions of email in social conversations. Apparently, if you live in the UK you’re talking about this more than anyone (38% of the buzz), but Americans are gabbing about their email as well, coming in a close second with 28% of the buzz.

Topping the charts with brands that are most commonly associated with email include… wait for it… Facebook and Twitter.

Wait, what? These aren’t email service providers!

Well, here’s a bit of conjecture—people like to use analogies, so this most likely has to do with the comparisons they are drawing between the two forms of communication across the web.

While lots of people are talking about email, not all of the commentary is positive. As with anything, there are pros and the cons. When you listen to what people are saying out on the web, you get a good sense of what is good about email, and what is infuriating. With that said, let’s take a look at the online chatter about email!

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