Top 15 Social Media Tracker Tools for 2022

There are 4.55 billion social media users worldwide, and a sizable chunk of them could be your potential consumers. Tracking their movements, their loves and hates can be difficult to do, but social media trackers make it simple to design relevant messaging and more.

Here, we’re exploring the top 15 social media tracker tools for 2022. It’s an important topic. A recent Statista study shares that at least 58% of companies rely on media intelligence and consumer insight research – and tracking these stats had a positive impact on customer retention and loyalty. With Nielsen reporting that if you’re not focusing on people as part of your media planning “you’re late to the party.” Tracking this intel is mission critical – and you need a social media tracker tool to do so.

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What’s in a Social Media Tracker Tool?

Not all social media tracker tools are alike. Some are super in-depth and can drill down to the granular level, while others skim the surface, and offer marginal return on your investment.  And among them, there are some capabilities that you’ll want to have ready at all times, these include:

  • Influencer IdentificationConsumers trust influencers over your ad. So, if you want to gain trust, you have to speak their language, and an influencer can do that.
  • Trends – Consumers talk, and talk, and talk! Capturing whatever it is that’s causing online chatter is critical to engaging with them, as it reveals relevant content. Plus, you’ll discover not only consumer trends but industry and category trends as well.
  • Identifying consumer conversation to inform your brand so you can provide the right content. What does your audience want? And where are they looking? Facebook? TikTok? Identify not just the what but the where so that when you get that tailored message together it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.
  • Competitor Analysis – Spy on your competition to see what’s working for them and what isn’t so you can either play copycat, or avoid making the same mistakes they did.
  • Sentiment analysis – Consumers feel their way around when it comes to making purchase decisions. Identify detractors and influencing factors so you can guide them into their next step along the purchase path.
  • Brand Protection – Identify negative press before it goes too far. Be proactive in your own brand health and address those consumer posts which may not be in your favor. You can also identify when your competitors are in trouble, and swoop in to save the day for their consumers, gaining some loyal fans.

Let’s explore a number of social media tracker tools that can help with these capabilities to varying degrees. And we’ll start with one that does it all . .

1) NetBase Quid


From tracking consumer conversations to measuring the impact of your campaigns on social media platforms, NetBase Quid helps you with this and more.

This social media tracker gathers your consumers’ social posts and interactions, and with natural language processing (NLP), it can decipher the newest trending words and urban language your consumers are using and uncovers the hidden emotions behind each word or phrase, parsing raw emotion and sarcasm in one fell swoop. So, if your consumer says “I am SO impressed with X brand” – you’ll know if they are being genuine or registering a complaint that other tools would miss. And that is essential to understanding how your brand is perceived.

Another great capability that comes in handy is crosstab comparison where you can identify brand attributes or issues that your consumers are judging you on. These ratings may be tripping them up in the purchase path. Searching for personal narratives such as I want, I need, I hate, I love or I wish reveals specific insight, straight from the consumer’s mouth.

And with semantic, visual grouping, you’ll be able to see like-conversations grouped clearly for analysis. Of course, what’s social analytics without demographics? You’ll also see it taken a step further here, with common interests and professions! A free demo walks you through all of this and much, much more.

2) RivalIQ

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to get your consumers’ attention. And that’s because these social media stars hold the key to your audience’s heart and trust. Ninety-two percent of consumers trust influencers over brand advertisements. So, your social media tracker should absolutely have a way to measure your influencer marketing efforts. Rival IQ offers a tool which tracks and measures your efforts by using advanced searches relying on keywords, hashtags and URLs. It will also help you uncover new influencers and related hashtags to expand your search, being sure to cover all your bases.

But that’s not all – they also have a robust social media auditing tools. And, as its name suggests – competitor monitoring capabilities to keep rival companies’ activities in sight!

3) Followerwonk

A social media tracker should be able to count of your followers, not only when you’ve gained some, but when you’ve lost them as well. With Followerwonk, you simply type in your username and it gathers these numbers for you. It’s critical to be notified when or if you lose a good number of fans so that you can dig deeper to find out why. Though followerwonk doesn’t delve into those particulars, it gets you started. And you can apply this same method to your competitors to keep a watchful eye on them as well. At this moment, it’s only available for Twitter.

4) Sendible

A socially savvy brand will be very thorough in making sure that their voice is consistent across social media platforms. That’s where Sendible comes in. Though it does offer some basic social listening its gold star is in the ability to allow teams to collaborate together – and this keeps your brand’s message consistent. And brand messaging is critical to brand perception. A consistent brand voice fosters trust in consumers, and after the last two years, they need a metric ton of it. Once your team is finished collaborating, schedule your posts to be published and sit back and track engagements such as comments, or track follower growth.

5) Social Report

Responding to consumers is important to protecting your brand health. This is because 79% of consumers expect a response from a company within 24 hours, and 40% expect it within an hour. A consumer left unnoticed feels ignored and not valued, and this could start a fire. Social report has what’s called a Smart Social Box. This “inbox” tracks all your social media platforms and gathers the comments and messages. You can view them all in one place and respond to each one in the dashboard, saving you the time and frustration of having to log into each separate social account. Plus, it keeps you up-to-date in real time, so no consumer is left feeling ignored.



Iconosquare has social media audit tools for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These tools track your performance on social media and then send you a report to show and tell you where you’re falling flat with your audience, and where you’re succeeding. These little tips can help get your brand back on track after a setback by pinpointing small errors that can be remedied quickly.

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7) Tailwind

Tailwind’s social media tracker, helps your company locate relevant hashtags and measure their power so you’re sure that your content is easily discoverable by your target audience. Using hashtags helps you connect with your audience, and likewise makes your content and brand more discoverable. Hashtags encourage action too. If a user sees a post that interests them, they’ll spend time looking at like-content that is brought up by searching the hashtag.

8) Cyfe


Cyfe is the answer if you need metrics that focus on your YouTube channel. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. It’s also the world’s second most used platform. This makes having social media intelligence imperative to your company if you hope to capture the attention of consumers on YouTube. With their social media analytics, you can track average view percentage of your videos as well as average time consumers spend viewing your material. It also tracks your channel subscribers’ activity and patterns, so you can apply that knowledge to your next YouTube video campaign.

9) LikeAlyzer

This tool shows you where your strong points are and measures your challenges for a peek into how your brand is performing overall on Facebook. It then provides tips on how to improve your interactions with your consumer base. You can monitor and compare your activities to see your performance over time. Once you know where you stand, you can create a plan to engage further with your audience. Or explore new ways to connect.

10) Audiense

As its name suggests, Audiense is a social media tracker tool which highlights the interconnectivity of your consumers. It uses audience segmentation to discover common consumer links such as languages, hobbies, age, and profession. By unveiling these common links, brands can use it to help them tailor their messaging to different groups, increasing their brand trust by speaking the language of their consumer – whether it’s actual language or speaking to their love of gaming.

11) SparkToro


Staying on top of trends in your industry is imperative to staying on top in general. SparkToro uses its social media tracker to discover these trends so that your brand can utilize them to capture the attention of your consumer. SparkToro is a Twitter tool-only however.

12) Brand Mentions

Monitor your brand in real-time to see how often you’re mentioned in posts, in comments and around the many different social media platforms. This social media tracker helps you keep an eye on how you’re being spoken about by your consumers. It’s fantastic when you’re being praised, of course, but knowing what your detractors are saying in full view of your larger audience is extremely helpful. With it, you can meet consumer needs and keep an eye on brand perception and health.


Monday helps you track everything in your social media world. It allows you to plan and track campaigns to ensure your team’s efforts are coordinated. It integrates with a wide variety of tools, allowing you to view all sorts of metrics and projects – and people in one dashboard. And there are automations and templates available for most purposes, from (of course) project tracking to sponsorships and ad spend. It’s a neat and convenient way to make sure everyone is on the same page and organized, which is a definite plus in this fast-paced online world!

14) Owlead


Owlead helps your company create a campaign based on keywords, gender, location and age. Targeted messaging is more effective, and it converts and grows your brand when you have a social media analytics tool helping to segment these groups. It takes care of the heavy lifting for your brand. And once you’ve created the perfect ad or post, you can track consumer interactions with it to see if it is successful.

15) Social Mention

Track keywords, hashtags or even brand mentions to see what’s trending and which hashtags are garnering the most attention, essentially keeping your finger on the pulse of your consumer. With social searcher you get simple, yet powerful, metrics to help you discover:

  • How actively people are discussing your keywords or keyword phrases in the form of likes, comments, and shares.
  • Consumer sentiment that unveils the tone or attitude of the posts where consumers mention your brand.
  • How passionate your audience feels about any number of relevant, related concerns.
  • How far your keyword or brand mentions are traveling.

With social media usage only increasing, having a social media tracker on your side will be key in keeping your brand aware of all things consumer intelligence. Nielsen reports that if you’re not focusing on people as part of your media planning “you’re late to the party.” Reach out for a demo to start a party of your own and have competitors scrambling to get in the door you’ve opened!

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