NetBase Quid’s 7th Annual Top-Loved Global Brands List!

Understanding consumer emotion is at the top of every brands’ “must understand” list – and if it’s not it should be! The global brands in this report have the pulse of consumers in their respective industries and it shows. For the seventh year in a row, we’re excited to reveal the Top-Loved Global Brands in our Brand Passion Report – and we have a preview of it below.

Understanding Brand Passion

Brand passion took some solid hits this past year, as consumers are slowly emerging after being hunkered down, in survival mode, for the past 18 months or so. As a result, passion looks a bit different this year, with consumers feeling more intense emotions all around. And this reflects in the conversations uncovered during our research.

We also saw shifts in our top ten list – consumer love trending toward entirely different categories in some respects, and all of it pandemic-driven. It’s a shift that will continue to be felt as COVID reemerges in the form of new variants. This will make understanding current brand passion trends, and what has come immediately before them, extremely important. Brands are stuck recreating the wheel lately, and any benchmarking data should be gobbled up greedily to inform future campaign planning.

As an example to help illustrate this fact, the leading brands in this latest report share some winning habits. And they’re things you can start working on today.

Top Brands Share Some Winning Habits

Without revealing our top ten list – you’ll need to download the report to learn that! – we can share some key attributes that most, if not all, of the savvy brands in our top ten have in common.

First, it’s important to note that our list spans a variety of industries, as detailed below:


And while some brands are consistently at the top of the love list, including social networks like YouTube and Instagram, there are always upsets to marvel over.

This year’s surprising entrants into the top 10 that are notable include retail brands and a top DIY site – Etsy. This makes sense as we know consumers were shopping and DIYing a good bit this year. They weren’t driving or traveling even a fraction of what we’ve seen in previous years, so those habits certainly played a role in the DIY movement. And one category that dominates this year, hands down, is entertainment. The report details what happened there – and why.

But for all of these brands, we can count some key habits each exhibits:

  • Exceptional consumer understanding. A standout quality of top loved brands is the exceptional consumer understanding each demonstrate. They aren’t following the crowd in their industry, nor even their competitors’ footsteps – they blaze a trail that’s unique to the needs of their specific audiences. And they’re not afraid to take risks, as they often have AI-powered consumer intelligence informiing their efforts.
  • Making the most of emerging trends. These brands are leaders for a reason. When COVID hit, every brand was thrown for a loop, but these brands recovered quickly from shellshock and jumped into action. They created solutions for a weary populace crying out for them. And they gained super loyal followings in the process.
  • Monitoring social media alerts and sentiment. And this is something that’s so critical when it comes to engaging an audience long-term. Winning brands monitor social media for spikes in mentions and sentiment and are ready to pivot or respond in near real-time. And if this year has taught us anything, the ability to adapt to change tops that ‘lessons learned’ list.

Now a little bit about that list and how we sorted out which brands are on it!

How We Created the List

The NetBase Quid Brand Passion Report: Top-Ranking Global Brand Love List is a close look at the brands consumers express the most love for on social media. And with a surge in brand mentions, from 410M earned mentions last year, compared to 2.7B this year, that love was loud.

We used next generation artificial intelligence powered technology to surface the strongest, most positive consumer emotions towards brands. And then identified which brands get the most love in this report.

The measure is not merely volume of social content or sentiment, it’s also the intensity of passion, feelings and emotions shared in posts across the web. And it’s out super accurate secret sauce. You should reach out for a demo to see it in action!

In this report, using that criteria, we looked at the most loved brands globally as discussed on social media channels worldwide (research was conducted on English language posts) from April, 2020 through April 2021.

Download the NetBase Quid Brand Passion Report: Top-Loved Global Brands to see more. And reach out if you’d like to better understand how these brands are achieving great things online with the help of consumer and market intelligence.


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