Top 5 Toy Picks for the Holidays, According to Kid Influencers

NickArnett |
 11/26/18 |
3 min read

Who better to identify or promote the top toys this holiday season than other kids? We’re using NetBase Pro social analytics to look at top YouTube kid influencers and the toys their audiences love most.

Here’s how:

Start with a General Search

Any search for new information should start from a fairly generic place, otherwise you could miss the best results – i.e., those you aren’t anticipating. If your search is too specific too soon, you’ll only “discover” what you already know. This leaves a lot of data on the table for your competitors to use.

We started with “toy reviews,” which lets us see all potential conversations, channels, and influencers on this topic. This gives us more to work with than if we started with one specific YouTuber or toy, for example.

There’s a lot of conversation happening, to be sure:

FYI, our search is global, but filtered for English-language results.

Predictably, the top posts and media all come from YouTube – the reigning land of kiddie toy reviews:

But we’re looking for the influencers here. NetBase Pro makes it easy to find them:

There are a few ways to look at what you find. Influencers are the accounts with the highest engagements on your search topic for the period you choose (in this case, the past month).

The top 5 global Influencers are:

These are YouTubers whose channels and posts are getting the highest engagement right now – so they’re worth exploring for the toys they’re promoting, and as potential influencers for your toy products.

But it’s also useful to look at Popular Items, especially under People, where the top five mentioned are:

  • Engineering Family
  • Kyle
  • Pete Game
  • Ryan
  • Tiana

Expected on the list, at #4, is the young star of Ryan ToysReview, who made headlines last year for making $11 million dollars with his YouTube videos in a single year.

He now has his own line of Ryan’s World toys on the shelves at Target and Walmart – which shows you there are already brands capitalizing on these influential kids. And if you change the filter to U.S. posts only, Ryan is #1.

Finding the Top Toys

If you want to know which toys are tops – based on how much engagement videos featuring them get – there are a few options.

Looking at Popular Posts, Popular Media, and Influencers are all possibilities for showing you what’s out there getting attention. Here are some toys to keep an eye on right now based on Popular Media:

These are just a few of the many toys featured in kid review videos – and many videos feature more than one toy.

For retailers, the next step is to look at sentiment analysis around your specific audiences – particularly parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles – and figure out how to reach these consumers with the information they need to delight their young charges with the most popular upcoming holiday gifts.

And, of course, if you’re trying to promote your own toy line, the influencers above are the ones to reach out to for help! Who better to grab your target audience – who will then tell their parents, etc., what they want?!

Use social analytics to find the influencers and products that matter to your brand, and get ready to have a happy (prosperous) holiday!

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