Toilet Tissue Brand No. 2 Combats Butt Crumble & Wins Hearts

Consumers and brands are finding bright spots in what has been a dark time. One unlikely offering is an upstart toilet tissue brand that is taking a swipe at the big rolls! Let’s see why they’re generating buzz and what “butt crumble” is all about.

There is a renewed interest in sustainable products. It makes sense, as necessity and scarcity continue to prove to be the mother of all inventions, and toilet paper was at the top of the “can’t find it” list this season. And perhaps no brand is enjoying their moment in the sun more as a result than No. 2 toilet paper.

The company, which makes their tissue from bamboo, a sustainable and renewable resource, offers a solution to potential TP shortages, and claims to eliminate an embarrassing problem they call “butt crumble.”


So how has this small startup company managed to wipe out the competition and garner so much praise and profit during a time when many other businesses have “gone to pot” (pun intended)? It all has to do with sustainability, supply/demand and a good bit of social listening, of course!

Sustainability Stays Strong During COVID

The mad “dash and stash” of early March – with essential items such as toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies flying off the shelves – left a bitter taste (and fear) with consumers and their wallets.  Thoughts of sustainability and renewable resources lost footing as concerns of shortages and economic loss loomed over the horizon. But, brands like No. 2 found their voice and place in do it yourself (DIY) hearts and markets.

Exploring the social conversation, we can see that the topic of “sustainability”  had a slow and steady decrease from the end of February until mid-April, with a brief spike around Earth Day. With COVID-19 lockdown measures lifting and more people returning to work and everyday activities, there is now a gradual increase in posts and mentions, as consumers slowly regain a sense of normalcy. And a sense of ecological responsibility:


In fact, one of the few sustainable areas least hit during the COVID-19 pandemic was “green living,” which has enjoyed a steady 15% of consumer mentions over the course of the past 12 weeks.


The articles around sustainability showcase this growing trend, as “Living Green” was one of the most talked about topics during the past few months, with a peak from March 15th – 21st.


No. 2 was able to step in during a time when stores and online shopping sites couldn’t keep essentials like paper products in stock – and offer an exceptional alternative. As a result, they experienced a surge in sales and consumer loyalty.

But will this momentum last once the COVID-19 scare is behind us?  We think so – and for good reason!

Sustainability Sector Growth Opportunities

Consumers continue to look for alternative solutions and products. As such, those brands that focus on sustainability are in a prime position to grow exponentially in the coming months and years. As Samira Far, the founder of No. 2 explains, “When the industry is dominated by one type of service or product, there’s always room for disruption.”

In fact, we see a cornucopia of discussions and clusters around the topic of sustainability:


Delving into the individual clusters, we are able to more easily identify emerging and existing trends.


While “green living” encompasses a large percentage of the discussion, there is a growing resurgence and interest toward sustainable practices, especially around the environment, businesses and food supply. Those consumers who worry about recurring waves of COVID-19 breakouts are especially eager to find more viable and economical solutions, with a 78% net sentiment.


And it’s exactly why it’s the perfect time for small businesses, startups and challenger brands to get noticed among a sea of big-name competitors!  Now is the time to be bold and learn to use consumer passion and sentiment to drive sales and loyalty.

Time for Challenger Brands to Charge Ahead

Much of the online retail sector remains largely untapped –  a “Wild West” for niche sectors and companies, with vast territories waiting to be discovered and claimed. Not to mention consumers to be fought for and won over.  Brands willing to take risks, be on the lookout for opportunities and primed to make bold, analytics-informed action will charge ahead.

And a healthy dose of humor never hurts:


From there, brands need to track ratings and reviews, and then adjust content and delivery as consumer needs shift. Using social media analytics tools, companies can find untapped markets, stay ahead of new trends, find and employ influencers, and evaluate consumer and brand passion – all with real-time intel:


And it has never been more critical for brands to focus this intensely on long-term success. Now is the time for those challenger brands to make a strong showing and find their niche, audience, and voice. Reach out for a demonstration to see how this can look for you, and find your butt crumble niche!


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