12 Viral TikTok Trends to Watch Now

Harvey Rañola |
 03/23/22 |
7 min read

12 Viral TikTok Trends to Watch Now

TikTok is by far one of the most creative apps and social media platforms out there today. And it’s this creative expression that has drawn its 1.5 billion monthly active users to the app. But it’s not all dances and makeup tutorials. With education and tips on crypto currency, this app is showing the world that it’s just right for any size, or type, of business. And every age group, race, gender and walk of life is represented there.

NetBase Quid reveals what audiences are saying about these TikTok trends, and how to connect with audiences authentically. And these stats highlight how this social media channel is impacting the marketing world:

With your curiosity peaked, it’s a perfect time to dive into the dances, hashtags and music that make up the best TikTok trends right now!

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1. #TechTok

With so many people on social media, brands need to zero in on specific niches to find all of their consumers. And #Techtok is one of the best ways to capture that attention, especially if you’re in the tech world. It’s pretty simple: Make a video using whatever music or filters you want and add the hashtag! That’s it. Well, kind of. You need to make sure it’s relevant to your audience, of course.

Lenovo did an excellent job utilizing this hashtag to help showcase their new product in a funny and lighthearted way.

And it has been shown that using humor in advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your consumers.

@lenovo the new ThinkPad X13s is👌🏼 #newproduct #5G #momsoftiktok #techtok #wordoftheday ♬ original sound – Lenovo

2. Fitness

A reverberation that continues to echo from 2020, is the obsession with fitness. And that’s true on TikTok as well. The hashtag #fitness continues to soar as more people tone up and show out on TikTok!

This person used the hashtag to redefine what we see as feminine. Looking at her responses and her 4 million loves, it seems that most people agree that being feminine looks good with muscles!

@caralinerosefit muscles do not = masculine (fake body) #strongisbeautiful #gymtok #powerlifting #bodybuilding #gym #lifting #gymlife #fitness #girlswholift #fyp ♬ original sound – lesley gonzalez 💞

With this kind of love and her 33K followers, she may also make a great influencer for your fitness brand!

3. #dinnerrecipe

This is a great way for consumer package goods (CPG) to get on the level of their consumers. In today’s hustle and bustle, people are looking for cooking hacks and shortcuts to make their lives easier. Using the hashtag #dinnerrecipe, could help showcase your products with the goal of enticing and wetting consumer appetites, encouraging them to buy.

Half Baked Harvest did just this using #dinnerrecipe. Below they use their products in a deliciously appetizing way, demonstrating how quick and easy it can be to eat homemade.

@halfbakedharvest street food at home #sheetpandinner #gyros #fetadip #tzatziki #chicken #dinnerrecipe #naan #pita #cookingtips ♬ Woman (Originally Performed by Doja Cat) [Instrumental Version] – Backing Business

4. #womengaming

2022 is the year of the woman, if you haven’t noticed. And gaming continues to be a popular and growing pastime. Use both of these trends to your brands advantage. You could use the hashtag to highlight your own video, or you can search the hashtag, scouring for just the right influencer to help boost your game or product. However, sometimes the best influencer is one in your own house……

For example, here we see M I L E N A @milenaxgames a happy employee brand advocate for Xbox having fun with some of the questions she gets asked as woman in gaming:

@milenaxgames Shout out @morganling_ for the inspo #techtok #tech #xbox #xcloud #womenintech #womeningaming #programming #programmanager #developer #computerscience ♬ original sound – Ace♠️

And here another opportunity is reveled. There’s no better way to anti-up your brand image than to have your own in-house brand advocates repping you online! And then you can use a bit of social listening to track and measure their effectiveness (with their permission of course!)

5. #TheBatman

Jump on the pop culture train and answer to the bat signal! By harnessing #TheBatman hashtag, you have the advantage of using an ever-popular icon and putting your own spin on it. It just takes a little creativity and ingenuity – which is what TikTok is all about.

@reitergrace, a micro-influencer found some of the humorous aspects of this movie and made a quick TikTok about it. Here she explains how the run time of the movie could have been cut down, if only Batman would have walked faster.

@reitergrace #thebatman #thebatman2022 #batman ♬ original sound – Grace Reiter

It’s simple and funny, which is why this video garnered over 273K likes and 3,447 comments. Those are engagement numbers all brands would love

6. Using the Reading Rainbow Theme Song

Music plays an important role in our lives, finding just the right song could ensure that you hit all the right notes with your consumers. And that’s because music reminds us of better times, as it’s nostalgic. And nostalgia sells. In fact, when consumers are nostalgic about something, they have a deep and persisting emotional connection with it. And this could be why one of the best Tiktok trends right now is the Reading Rainbow theme song.

NFL player Isaac Rochell ( @isaacrochell ) used this nostalgic throwback to make a comical comparison of his career vs Tom Brady’s 23-year run.

@isaacrochell Bruh, what is Gisele feeding you @Tom Brady …. 🤯#giselle #tombrady #nfl ♬ Reading Rainbow Theme Song – Reading Rainbow

(FYI, Isaac’s planning on 24 years according to the 354 comments!)

Using nostalgia draws in those consumers that are looking for comfort and familiarity. The right nod in that direction could make your company feel more like a childhood home. Just be sure you have a reliable and accurate sentiment analysis tool to read the room on what type of nostalgia is wanted.

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7. #Thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof

This hashtag is meant to show a before and after. Here, @thatgirlnamedbibi shows where her relationship with her husband started, and where it is now.

@thatgirlnamedbibi First time Disney as a couple vs first time Disney as a family of 4 🥰 @alyghazal66 #thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof ♬ BRENT MORGAN What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

But brands can use this same idea to let their consumers know how their money goes further when they buy your products. If your company supports clean water solutions, you could show someone buying your drink, and then reveal that it provides clean water for people without access to it. It’s a great way to not only tell, but also show your consumers that you’re more than a money-making machine. And that’s what makes this on of the best Tiktok trends right now.

8. #MentalHealthMatters

Staying honest and vulnerable with your audience creates stronger bonds. And today, more consumers are being open and honest with their own struggles. By utilizing the hashtag #MentalHealthMatters, you let consumers know that they are seen and heard. And brand ultimately benefit when consumers feel heard. The key is being authentic, be sure consumers will attack if they feel you are using this hashtag for profit only.

@Mrsstyleshayes is a great example of showing the authenticity consumers will be on the look-out for.

@mrsstyleshayes ♬ Looking For Me – Acoustic – Paul Woolford & Diplo & Kareen Lomax

If you’re struggling to find the right words, having a mental health ambassador//influencer can help you there and aid in reaching the right audience.

9. #Family

This is actually an oldie, but it continues to be a goodie! And it’s an excellent way to spotlight the people who make up your brand and team.

Shawn Johnson used the hashtag #family to show that she’s more than just a great American gymnast. She’s a mom, wife, and friend who gets her family involved in everything she’s doing.

@shawnjohnson first time dude met @nastialiukin and he was CHEESING #fyp #family #kids #lol #olympians #foryou #cutebaby #flirting ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

And this is a good strategy for companies as well. You need to appeal to and relate to your consumers on a personal level to get them emotionally involved. And since emotions play a significant role in purchasing behavior, it only makes dollars and cents to use this best Tiktok trend right now.

10. #SelfCareSunday

Anything can be self-care today – which makes this hashtag particularly alluring for all brands. You can effectively create content that advertises your brand without being obvious. And once again it showcases that you’re listening to your audience and their need to self-care in their own ways.

Self-care isn’t all bubble baths and facials as seen in this next video, instead it shows that it can be as simple as creating your own oasis in your own backyard. Nautica went the extra step, adding cooked pineapple, a mini bar and a movie – all inside a simple tent.

@nauticaaaaa_ After A Long Day😩 #GetTheWChallenge #TeamofTomorrow #DuetDoWet #fyp #mcdonaldshacks #viral #blackmusic #selfcare ♬ Butterflies – Queen Naija

Self-care looks different to everyone, which is why this TikTok trend can be used by virtually any brand.

11. #diyproject

It probably doesn’t need said, but we are going to say it anyway: If you’re not weaving the message of sustainability into your marketing – you’re making a huge mistake. Sustainability is only growing. Products marketed at sustainable grew 5.6 times faster than those that weren’t. And one only needs to look at the trending hashtag #diyproject to see how huge the conversation is.

Our budding fashion designer Jessica Roque, is upcycling clothes and turning them into her own works of art.

@jessreneevega It’s been a while but I’m back!!! I’m gonna give this to one of my Instagram followers so if you haven’t followed yet follow me!💕 #diy #nikeoutfit ♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) – Doja Cat

And since fast fashion has had a huge spotlight on it, consumers are doing more to be sure they don’t contribute. As a fashion brand, this could be a way to engage with consumers and discuss what you’re doing to aid in more sustainable fashion.

12. WhenWomenWin

Once again, Women! One of the best Tiktok trends right now is the hashtag #whenwomenwin. It’s a great way to showcase your support of female empowerment and fem voices. Or maybe you’re a woman owned business and wish to market that aspect. Using this hashtag could help you grab the attention, and win the kind of engagements, that drive sales.

And it looks like Red Bull got savvy to this trending hashtag. They’ve used it to showcase female BMX star, Nikita Ducarozz. And the love shown via the 3717 likes shows that this kind of content wins the day!

This is just the beginning of what TikTok trends can offer your brand. And once you start using hashtags or trending dances, you’ll need some social analytics tools to help decipher all those reactions. NetBase Quid can help you navigate those murky waters, ensuring success that goes beyond today’s trends – so be sure to reach out for a demo!

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