10 TikTok Trends Marketers Should be Following

TikTok went from the threat of being banned in 2020 to the rising star of social media in 2021. And now brands everywhere are taking advantage of the opportunity to shine and capture the attention of TikTok users around the globe. There are so many TikTok trends that marketers should be following, and we have 10 detailed for you below!

Those ten trends are:

  1. Vogue Challenge
  2. Touch It challenge
  3. Flexibility Challenge
  4. Learn on TikTok
  5. Turning DMs into Quotes
  6. What I Mean When I Say I’m From . . .
  7. Hopeful for Today
  8. Google Earth Trend
  9. Meet the Group
  10. Questions I Get Asked a Lot

Catching emerging trends as they happen is a part of staying current. And to keep up with them, we’ve compiled a list of ten TikTok trends that your company can utilize to get seen and heard, and of course, create revenue.

marketing on tiktok

TikTok is essential because:

  • Over half of Gen Z is on TikTok, with Millennials not far behind.
  • 79% of consumers say user generated content influences what they buy – and TikTok is full of it.
  • 61% of consumers cite that engagement is the number one characteristic they look for in a brand on social media – and TikTok is engagement on steroids

Now for those trends . . .

Trend #1: Vogue Challenge

TikTok trend number 1 highlights fashion. And with sustainable resale companies like DePop offering Louis Vuitton and the like at affordable prices – fashion isn’t just an interest – it has become a lifestyle. And this is especially true for Generation Z.

Why is this important?  Over half of this fashion forward group is on TikTok. This makes it prime real estate for retail brands. And a Vogue challenge is just the way to do it.

Use a little editing magic to showcase your products or share your latest campaign photos. Better yet, show photos of people using your products, and then make it look like the cover photo of Vogue Magazine.  Don’t forget to use #voguechallenge.

Trend #2: Touch It Challenge

With the #touchitchallenge a company can debut many different looks, or even products, to a remixed version of Busta Rhyme’s classic song “Touch It.” The videos start off at a leisurely pace, but once the beat drops, a person’s outfit, or the picture itself, changes with the rhythm. It allows brands to optimize advertising by squeezing in more than one product to debut.

Trend #3: Flexibility Challenge

The #flexibilitychallenge adds a twist onto the traditional dance challenge. Made popular by @omgitsashleigh, the challenge is started by doing the already viral “Stop, Drop, and Roll with It” dance. But then it switches it up by Ashleigh kicking her leg into the air, grabbing the hood of her hoodie with her toes, and pulling it off.

Something like this can be used to showcase your company’s sense of humor, coming across as a more authentic brand, and a not a faceless corporation. A makeup company may use something like this, but instead of grabbing a hoodie, try and grab lipstick with their toes and apply it. It’s silly and outrageous, but it’s just the thing that will get consumers laughing. And it can encourage viral uploads – boosting online presence!

Trend #4: Learn on TikTok

It’s not all dances and challenges, TikTok users often head to TikTok to educate themselves. A local honey company, for instance, might use the hashtag #learnontiktok to attract new consumers. Making a short video on the importance of bee conservation and keeping – along with the health benefits of local honey, could help them reach a demographic of people that they previously weren’t reaching.

Trend #5: Turning DMs into Quotes

This one is great for sharing user generated content. 79% of people credit UGC with influencing what they purchase. As a brand, sharing snapshots of short testimonials straight from your DM box is a great way to grab the attention of consumers today.

Trend #6: What I Mean When I Say I’m From

Equality, diversity, sustainability, and inclusivity are all topics that are near and dear to the younger generations’ hearts – and it attracts their spending too. Additionally, 77% of all consumers buy from brands who share the same values as they do. That’s why this TikTok trend can boost your brand awareness when tackling these subjects.

Show followers where your brand is from and what’s great about that location. This could be where products are sourced to where employees live. It’s a great way to get interactive and build a sense of community. And if you understand what your consumers expect from you, relating your story back to social responsibility in some way – that’s perfection.

Trend #7: Hopeful for Today

This funny TikTok trend allows brands to say “Sorry, we screwed up” in a light-hearted way. It’s simple, you show what you planned to do, and then show what actually happened

Many brands have experienced embarrassing mishaps, after all. Taking time to address your consumers in a fun and honest way could prove to be worthwhile. Research indicates that honesty is the number one quality consumers want from brands. And giving consumers what they want is never a bad thing – it’s humanizing, in fact.

Trend #8: Google Earth Trend

Dial it down to the street level using Google Earth to showcase your business’s store. With this TikTok trend, a brand can utilize high-resolution, cinematic photos of their store, literally directing potential customers through the door. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Trend #9: Meet the Group

61% of consumers say engagement with an audience is the most important characteristic of brands on social media. One way to get a conversation started is to introduce yourself and your team.

With this TikTok trend, you can let consumers get to know your employees on a personal level, giving them the opportunity to form connections with individuals just like themselves. And there’s no greater advertisement than a happy employee repping the brand they work for.

Trend #10. Questions I Get Asked a Lot

No doubt your brand has an inbox full of questions from your consumers. This next TikTok trend gives you the chance to address all cares, concerns, worries and more. And it can be done in an educational way, even adding some lighthearted wit. It’s an opportunity for a company to demonstrate their connectivity to their audience, letting them know they care and are paying attention to their specific needs and wants!

Overall, staying up-to-date on consumer trends is critical, especially in today’s age where social media is everything. Never miss a beat, a dance challenge or a hashtag ho-down – reach out for a demo and see how NetBase Quid’s social media monitoring software can keep your brand top-of-mind and connected with consumers!

marketing on tiktok

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