The TikTok Effect: Breathing Life into Music Industry & Brands

TikTok is changing the world, one music-powered trend at a time. And in the process, it’s breathing new life into the music industry and offering a viral way for brands to reach consumers. Let’s see how it looks and where your brand can benefit! And be sure to check out our Adweek webinar where we’ll share How to Use TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Insights to Propel Your Content Strategy!

There’s a lot to cover. Using social media listening we’ll uncover emerging trends and discuss:

  • A consumer affair with TikTok
  • Music makes TikTok go round
  • TikTok opportunities in 2021

And statistics help us understand TikTok’s influence:

  • Entertainment is the top trending hashtag of TikTok with more than 443 billion views in 2020.
  • TikTok has the highest engagement rate of social media platforms
  • One brand’s awareness increased 10% and ad recall increased by 57.6% after they created their own Halloween-themed branded hashtag challenge

how to make social media analysis work for you

Consumers & TikTok

TikTok is the newest revolution of social media. Its influence is seen across apps like Instagram as they try to mimic the video-style posting that TikTok has made popular. But why do consumers love it so much? For this information we look to social media monitoring to understand what is being said.

Our clusters below offer up information on emerging trends of this platform. Segments are color coded for easier identification. We see that TikTok Trends is the largest category followed by Trending TikTok Users. This road map to consumer conversation is fully clickable and transparent to reveal key details.


For example, clicking on Fashion Scene above, this tweet sharing a TikTok video speaks to a TikTok trend in that industry. The hashtag #fashion received 17.5 billion views alone in 2020.


This platform is all about creating and recreating trends from food to music, dances to fashion. And people are engaged, that’s for sure. This tweet alone garnered 1,860 engagements and reposts, illustrating the power of one post, offering potential impressions through the roof.

And if you think fashion gets a lot of attention on TikTok, there’s one category that really captures the TikTokers’ heart and soul – music!

Music Makes TikTok Trends Matter to Consumers

The newest music trend to be a part of comes to us courtesy of Nathan Apodaca. This potato farmer decided to film himself longboarding, lip syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams and drinking Ocean Spray’s Cran-Raspberry juice.

Doing so, he quickly received 25 million views on the viral app and becoming a huge TikTok star. He’s made the leap from potato farmer to paying 350K cash upfront for his new house, and it happened pretty much overnight. His fame is not only for him though. Fleetwood Mac’s album Rumors returned to the Top Ten Billboards, while Ocean Spray couldn’t keep cran-raspberry juice stocked on the shelves. A simple video became a marketer’s dream, breathing new life into old favorites and making new favorites in the grocery aisle. Win-win and win all around!

But, is this the norm? Actually – yes! Our bar chart below reveals just how impactful music is in the world of TikTok trends. We’ve tagged the top ten segments, which is a handy way to organize things when locating emerging trends within a category.

Right away, it’s obvious that music is leading for 2020 in all ten segments, with art and dance following.


And this is confirmed by Statista’s graph tracking top TikTok categories. We see entertainment, of which music is the largest category, is the top trending hashtag with more than 443 billion views in 2020.


Influencers Make TikTok Matter

Music and TikTok paved a fresh marketing path for Fleetwood Mac and Ocean Spray to get their products in front of consumers. This highlights how powerful this social media app is for brands. And finding just the right influential person, like Nathan Apodaca, to help carry your products message can be the difference in creating demand for your product or watching it gather dust on the shelves of 2021.

Using social media listening we can see the power of an influencer in action! If we select Trending TikTok Users and explore the many posts, one stands out by BlackPink member and soloist, Jennie. We see how far her post has traveled, and who reposted it, along with their follower count.


TikTok has the highest engagement rate of social media platforms, and when you pair that with musical content, influencers and social media monitoring to know where the next trend will emerge – well, you have a winning combination, for sure. And one that’s likely to continue in 2021.

how to make social media analysis work for you

TikTok in 2021

Consumers are dancing to TikTok’s tune, and there are plenty of opportunities for brands across industries to leave their impression.  We’ll share a couple success stories and show how your brand can see into the future and be prepared for 2021.

e.l.f. cosmetics jumped on the TikTok train and created the first paid ad featuring original music. It paid off too! Its hashtag #eyeslipsface was the first of its kind to earn TikTok’s #1 trending hashtag, and more than 1 billion people watched it.


And there have been scores more, including sweets masters Chupa Chups, who saw an amazing opportunity to cheer socially distanced trick-or-treaters by creating their own Halloween-themed Branded Hashtag Challenge called #Chupalloween. Users were to dress up as spooky characters using Chupa Chups stickers as their guide. And of course, it’s set to some frighteningly good and original tunes.


The results? Over 295 million video views in five days and over 98,000 creators got involved, leading to 242,000 submissions. Overall, their brand awareness was raised by 10% and ad recall increased by 57.6%.

And social media listening helps brands find these golden opportunities, spot emerging trends and decide how to approach consumers.

Getting Personal with TikTokers

Below, we’ve added a personal narrative theme to our TikTok music and trends analysis. This helps to draw out relevant posts which include the phrases of I love, I hate, I wish, I need/want and My Favorite.

Clicking on a narrative shows related posts. For example, by looking at My favorite, consumers talking about their favorite aspects of TikTok trends appear. This information is important for a brand looking to get involved in the newest trending dance, or lip-syncing challenge to boost their brands visibility.


Or maybe you need to know more about your consumers. Searching demographics makes this easy. We can search public intel for age, gender, interests, ethnicity, and bio terms.

Below, we’ve filtered for professions, and Creative Arts has the largest share of voice. And not far behind is marketing and sales, evidence that brands are taking notice of TikTok’s capabilities too!


TikTok is currently popular in over 150 countries, has over 1 billion users, and in the United States alone, it’s been downloaded 175 million times. Other brands are already there, why aren’t you?

Social media monitoring is key to reaching your target audience and creating buzz around your brand for your consumer base and those who may not know who you are. Reach out for a demo and be the next trend setter on TikTok!

how to make social media analysis work for you

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