Well, technology has surprised me yet again – Minority Report became a reality much faster than I thought possible. The splash that Google Glass made at SXSW last week is indicative of Google’s latest product taking us one step closer to new levels of personalization…and in turn, privacy concerns are intensifying as well. The March 16th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker showed that social media users on Facebook and Twitter are indeed divided on this newest innovation; 59% think the technology can’t wait for the “cool” glasses, while 12% find them decidedly uncool, 26% expressed concern over privacy implications and 3% cracked jokes. I especially loved the comment on the article itself where someone raised the point of Google Glasses rendering our computers obsolete – and then what will replace carpal tunnel syndrome??

However you feel about it, as Todd Wilms pointed out in Forbes, the Google team is doing a great job of getting the social media world talking about Google Glass – and hey, isn’t all press good press? Check out some more of the jokes below – and let me know how you feel about Google Glass: cool, dorky or just plain too creepy?

Google glasses are amazing.  They help others ‘search’ for the answer as to why whoever wears them needs a smack in the face.

Damn it, Google Glass is getting interesting.  Which is exactly what Google want us to think.   #1984

RT @deliciousbees: Google Glass: For when wearing a fedora inside isn’t insufferable enough.

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