The Secret of Vespa’s Award-winning Campaign

Kimberly Surico |
 02/25/15 |
2 min read

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Jared Degnan @jareddegnan, Director of Digital Strategy with Kellen Company. He’s the mastermind behind Vespa’s brilliant digital marketing campaign Vespa Vita. Jared and his agency team won the IAVA Communicator Award / Marketing Effectiveness for this campaign.

During the webinar, Jared discussed how to find consumer insights in social media and turn them into winning campaigns and shared best practices for measuring campaign ROI.

Jared started campaign research by understanding what makes a Vespa brand and then by looking at what differentiates Vespa fans from other scooter brands. The insight was VESPA PRIDE – Vespa owners not only have strong pride of ownership, they share it more than any other scooter brand. His team determined that the roadblock to new purchases was that while people loved Vespa, they didn’t differentiate scooters at the point of sale. This led the team to create a digital lifestyle magazine La Vespa Vita to showcase and increase the value of the Vespa brand. The campaign was powered by Vespa enthusiasts. Going above and beyond uniting and growing a community of stylish Vespa fans, the campaign led to a marked uplift in sales leads.

Campaign results speak for themselves:

Watch the webinar for tips on measuring digital campaign results throughout the purchase funnel

In addition, Jared discussed:

  • How to activate a community around a brand message, including finding, vetting and getting the best bloggers on board
  • How to get solid leads from an online campaign for offline products.
  • How to overcome client objections when you’re an agency advising a client to invest in social media research and campaigns.

Check out the webinar and tell us what you think.

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