The Power of Social Analytics Is Solid as a ‘Rock’
Kimberly Surico |
 09/05/18 |
4 min read

Pic of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

How do social analytics translate when the brand in question is a person, not a company? They are equally important – especially if that person is a big part of driving profits for your brand. Let’s look at movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as an example.

Presence and Influence

According to a June Forbes piece, The Rock has a new marketing deal in place, on top of his already sweet salary: “In addition to hefty $20 million up-front paychecks and cuts of back-end studio profits—starting with July’s Skyscraper movie, in which he plays a former FBI hostage-rescue leader—he’ll insist on a separate seven-figure social media fee with every movie in which he appears, according to people familiar with his deals. In other words, rather than have studios dump money into TV ads or billboards, their new paid-marketing channel doubles as their marquee star.”

What makes this a huge deal is the recognition of social media as a separate marketing tool – with a time value and budget all its own. But it’s one The Rock knows he can leverage. Here’s a look at his social footprint:

Of note is the uptick in Instagram followers since a similar Business Insider article spoke of his social media fee in May of 2018. In the month between the Business Insider article and the Forbes piece, Johnson’s Instagram following grew by nearly 9 million followers. So, he is clearly doing something right. And that makes the fee well worth it to any studio financing one of his movies.

This is especially true given the increasing Hollywood trend of considering social media profiles in casting choices. Casting has never been solely about talent, or even looks. If you don’t sell tickets or keep viewers tuned in while your show is on, you’re not a viable investment.

That’s why it’s called show business.

Johnson is smart to recognize social media as a paramount part of the equation. And because he’s doing the work to build his personal brand with consistent engagement on social channels, he should certainly be compensated when leveraging that image to ensure box office success.

The Forbes piece quotes Johnson as saying: “’Social media has become the most critical element of marketing a movie for me. I have established a social media equity with an audience around the world that there’s a value in what I’m delivering to them.’”

Identifying that “value” is the real trick – and where social analytics come into play.

What’s the Attraction?

Whether you’re a social-savvy movie star, or an agent, manager, or movie studio hoping to build a following for someone with talent you want to explode, you’ve got to know what your audience wants.

Social analytics is how you find out.

Here’s a look at Sentiment Driver Attributes for “@TheRock” and “Dwayne Johnson” in NetBase Pro:

sentiment drivers attributes cloud

Though there’s a little bit of negative sentiment for the upcoming sequel to “Big Trouble in Little China” (“sequel” and “big”), most of the conversation is positive. Both news outlets and fans have great things to say about a variety of things, like:

That last bullet caused a huge spike in sentiment when the news broke:

sentiment graph

The clear story is that Johnson is a great guy. He’s a hard worker who shares his journey, gives back to those less fortunate, and cheats on his nutrition plan with pancakes just like the rest of us.

What’s that got to do with social analytics? One could argue he’s just being himself online – and with his wrestling and acting clout, he’s got an organic following. All brands should be so lucky.

And while there’s some truth to that, the marketing aspect is hardly accidental. Where social analytics and Johnson’s savviness come into play is in knowing what to share, and where to share it.

Johnson knows what fans love about him – and what they want to see. If he’s divining all that without using social analytics, then he truly is a superhero. For the rest of us, social analytics is the path to understanding how to attract millions of followers and engage them authentically to create business success.

And it’s the path to staying on top by identifying trends, influencers, and problems bubbling under the surface. For The Rock that means adding a social marketing fee to his contracts, shouting out brands he endorses, as well as famous friends that add to his “great guy” persona, and speaking directly to issues that arise.

What does it mean for you?

We’re here to help you build your following and succeed using social analytics. Get in touch and we’ll show you how with a personalized demo of our tools!



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