Despite getting occasionally swept up in my Twitter account and loving my iPhone, I am old-fashioned and analog at heart, so the news about the USPS cancelling Saturday deliveries was bittersweet to me. I love to write and get letters – but then again, so often the only thing that comes in the mail are bills and sweepstakes offers, so it might be a welcome change to have a day off. So much of the communication we have these days is electronic anyways, it makes me wonder when the whole Post Office goes away. And based on a Brand Passion Index I ran on shipping companies last March, USPS is not that well-liked on social media anyways. In the February 9th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, they used NetBase to gauge the Facebook and Twitter response to the news about Saturday deliveries, and opinions were surprisingly evenly split. 50% of social media users are against the decision, while 44% are for it and 6% cracked jokes. Check out more of the jokes below:

As a sign of protest for USPS no longer delivering mail on Saturdays, I will no longer walk out & check the mailbox on Saturdays.  Take that!

UPS is ending its saturday mail delivery service.  Yard dogs are to blame.

The USPS wants to eliminate Saturday delivery.  Turns out the Penny Saver weekend edition is going to have to wait till Monday.

So are you going to miss Saturday deliveries? Let me know!

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