Oh, there is interest in Pinterest, the visual social sharing site. But is the site that, in its first month, became the #1 source for referring web traffic (over Google+, Reddit, and LinkedIn combined) a “colossal waste of time,” and “only good as a platform for scrap-booking,” or will its “stellar design” help it keep moving it into the #2 social site?

A few interesting findings to make you sound smarter at the water-cooler:

  • The conversation is US-centric – Over 60% of you talking about Pinterest live in the US. While the US tends to be more chatty in general, this number is very high, which means that in the US, we love to talk about Pinterest.
  • The overall view of Pinterest hasn’t waned – Most sites tend to have “their day in the sun” and then we lose interest. However, over the length of the study, Pinterest has had the same sentiment score. Overall, people like it.
  • Barack Obama would be beaten if Timberlake and Paris Hilton married – President Obama has a commanding lead of followers on Pinterest with over 16M. However, the combined power of Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton would overtake him with 17M. Now if only we could get those two together?

We reviewed the over 5M impressions from online conversations including more than 2.5M mentions of Pinterest in blogs, news articles, social networks. The results: Pinterest people are passionate and positive (Passion Intensity score: 80 and overall Net Sentiment score: 74). What does all that mean? The conversation is overwhelmingly positive and people who talk about Pinterest are really excited about it. But does that mean it is all good stuff? Alas, no. There is no positive without a negative. We explore the top 5 things we love and 5 things we fear about Pinterest. This is the second Social Intelligence report in a monthly series by SAP and NetBase analyzing the latest enterprise technology trends. Future Infographics will examine cloud computing, social CRM, mobile and more. To learn more, read our blog on Forbes.


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