The Fiscal Cliff: Just How Angry Are We?
Kimberly Surico |
 01/02/13 |
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As the holidays grew to a close and 2013 approached, there was less and less chatter on the social web about holiday cheer and more and more about possibly going over the impending “fiscal cliff”.  A word cloud we posted on Facebook New Years Eve pointed out the country’s anger and frustrations.  Net sentiment was a whopping -37.  All was not quiet on the western front.  The American public was, and still is, angry.



Now that a deal has been reach, net sentiment today is 6.  We see relief as terms like “thanks”, “solid path” pop up.  However, it’s clear this late deal, as well as compromises both parties made don’t sit well with every.  “Can not afford” and “political disappointment” are just some of the terms being used.  However, with this only being a temporary deal, we’re sure to see this issue arise over the next few months until a permanent plan is in place.



And not shocking, over 75% of the conversation was happening on Twitter.  We saw thousands of constituents using Twitter to argue opinions, petition their representative and just vent their disappointment and annoyance with the entire ordeal.



While many hope this embarrassment will ensure such a fiasco doesn’t happen again, many are already fearful of the next impending deadline – potentially raising the debt limit.  The social web is sure to have a say in that matter, as it did with the fiscal cliff, if a deadline is missed again.


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