Here are some thoughts for people evaluating tools for sentiment analysis. At NetBase, we’ve used other tools in order to confirm that we have a technological advantage. It may not be obvious, but I believe having better technology not only produces better results, but is an advantage to our users from a cost perspective. Let’s say you work with another tool that’s less accurate. To get the level of accuracy you need, you’ll spend more time cleaning up the results. Since time is money, you’d need to factor that clean-up effort into a full cost comparison between NetBase and other tools. While NetBase isn’t 100 percent accurate, our accuracy is so much higher that I believe you’ll get better results with less manual effort, and that can justify a price differential.

Plus, we’re coming up with new applications for the NetBase technology that just aren’t possible with the shallow, inaccurate sentiment analysis from other tools. Check out these blog postings that describe some of the new types of measurements and applications companies can benefit from with ConsumerBase:

Analyze Brands with a Brand Passion Index

Semantic Keyword Discovery for Web Marketing

Identify key brand weaknesses and strengths with one-hour netnographies

We believe companies will find much more value with ConsumerBase because our accuracy means you spend less time on clean-up, and our depth enables new types of analysis and applications of social media data that were never before possible.

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