The 2019 Social Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Report

NickArnett |
 04/02/19 |
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 The 2019 Social Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Report

Understanding the emotions motivating consumer behavior is never easy, and consumers posting online about every bit of their experience with your brand compounds the problem. With sarcasm, imagery and emojis thrown into the mix, brands struggle to gather accurate insight to inform strategy. Our 2019 Social Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Report deconstructs the struggle and offers insight to help! Let’s take a peek.

Simple Automation Can’t Cut It

Tracking consumer emotion via spreadsheet is not possible today, if it ever actually was. Social audiences are complex and so is the insight their online activity offers brands. Identifying topics, trends, influencers your brand needs to connect with, along with tracking campaigns, trends and competitive intelligence available, requires a sophisticated tool. Short of that, brands are left data that’s less than amazing, bordering on useless.

Smart social analytics helps brands harness useful data that’s worth acting upon. And it helps brands meet consumers where they are, offering relevant, engaging promotions that increase brand awareness, share of voice and lead to larger conversions.

Contextualized data is at the heart of it. And it has the power to influence every bit of your business: “It’s not enough to know your brand was mentioned 100K times if you don’t know what’s driving those mentions. What can you do with that information? Nothing—until you know it’s because consumers love your new product, or, conversely, because they think your customer service is lacking. As more brands grasp awareness of this distinction, the need for comprehensive social analytics solutions has grown—along with evolution of the power behind these solutions—and chief among them, we find Next Generation AI.”

Social Analytics Powered by Next Generation AI

Next Generation AI classifies and customizes data harnessed from structured and unstructured data, capturing and consolidating converged media in real-time and sharing it via dashboards that offer immediately actionable insight.

And its accuracy is second-to-none, as it’s raw and unfiltered, coming directly from the source (current and potential customers) to you. How it does it takes a bit more explaining. Fortunately, that’s precisely what 2019 Social Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Report breaks down for brands:

  • Where AI began, and where it’s headed
  • What Next Gen AI is, as well as its role in social analytics
  • NetBase AI capabilities, and how they differ from other platforms
  • Examples of social analytics & AI in action

But this report goes well beyond the AI behind the curtain, as the data ultimately depends on the social audiences the analyses are targeting.

Social Audiences & Nuanced Understanding

Social audiences hold all the cards in this game, and they know it. There’s been a noticeable shift in power online with the rise of influencers and just every day consumers realizing how powerful – and viral – their posts have become.

As such, staying ahead of and anticipating concerns, or just being aware of them as they happen, has become table stakes. Real-time understanding requires a combination of machine learning, deep learning, and expert systems working seamlessly and analyzing data as fast as it comes in. With online happening 24/7, anything less will miss lots – and potentially create more problems than it solves. Shoddy, half-informed data is dangerous to brands.

And then there’s personalization to consider. If social analytics isn’t capturing the nuances of your target segments’ behaviors, there’s little chance it can create transformational moments for your brand – memorable marketing moments that solidify your relationship with consumers. Brands are tasked with creating a personal connection with people, making them feel seen, heard and understood as individuals. Further, this must be done at scale. It sounds impossible, but it isn’t!

AI dissects voluminous amounts of data every second, in quantities that are entirely overwhelming to consider – from social media, review sites, message boards, forums, news sites, comments on blogs, and so much more – and generates actionable insight from it all. It’s amazing really. And entirely necessary as we continue to charge through 2019 and into the future.

Download the 2019 Social Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Report to learn more about how this masterful machinery looks! And reach out to schedule a demo so we can show you it in action!

Reach out and we’ll show you what Next Generation AI means for your business and your category as a whole!

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