Is 2019 the year of the Instagram Influencer? It depends on who you ask. Influencers, of course, will give a resounding yes – and those who understand the power of social listening and sentiment analysis are likely to say the same. Are they correct? If so, it’s good to know how this influencer marketing game really works and our Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing eBook is an excellent place to start! Let’s preview a bit of it.

The Power of Influence Compels Them

Why are influencers the most powerful marketing tactic at your disposal? Well, they aren’t – sentiment is, but the power of influencers comes from the underlying sentiment that they (often, unknowingly) tap into.

They can reach any demographic at any time, thanks to the increasing addiction we all have to our mobile phones, and create an authentic, genuine connection with followers that’s more powerful than word-of-mouth. And certainly more viral.

How is this possible? Many influencers have opened up their lives to the public and developed such personal connections with segments that their opinions of products and services have become as respected as those of actual friends and family. That’s powerful – and probably more so than most brands realize: 88% of consumers trust online recommendations as much as personal recommendations.

And who are these 88%? They span a variety of demographics and categories. If there’s one universal truth that applies to all consumers online, it’s this: They’re taking showrooming to a new level, comparison shopping even as they stand in line to make purchases, and their expectations from start to finish continue to climb. Understanding and activating influencers is one way to help connect many pieces of your overall consumer experience puzzle, from customer care to heading off a PR crisis.

In the report, we share lots of stats and facts around the extensive power of influencers, including:

  • Why you need multiple influencers for your brand
  • How top brands use influencer analysis to power competitive intelligence
  • Which emotions make content go viral
  • How many followers an influencer must have to make their activity worthwhile to your brand
  • Which metric is more important than follower count
  • And why accurate sentiment analysis is crucial to your process

The Influencer Search Isn’t Simple – But It’s Worth It

Yes, influence can – and does – offer jaw-dropping ROI for brands when done correctly. And it would seem like the only hurdle a brand really faces is finding the right influencer for the job, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath is dangerous.

Brands powering through the influencer marketing waters at full speed without performing extensive vetting via social listening are fated to crash and sink more spectacularly than the Titanic.

It isn’t just about finding those influencers, but monitoring them and making sure they’re doing things that help, rather than hurt, your brand image – as there are plenty of stories about influencers gone rogue to keep many a marketer awake at night.

So how do you find vet the right influencers, and how do you empower them to speak on your behalf? That is all covered in this report, as well as:

  • Challenges marketers face when it comes to influencers—not only finding them, but tracking their impact.
  • The difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador—because they’re not identical, and you need both.
  • How to find niche influencers and activate brand ambassadors.
  • Brands who’ve successfully leveraged influencers in their strategies, and what we can learn from those who’ve made mistakes.

After you’re done reading the 2019 Influencer Marketing eBook, pop over and listen to our webinar on Engaging with Social Media Influencers to Tell Your Brand’s Story to round our your strategy.

And then connect with us for a demo to see it all in action, as it relates to your brand specifically. Reading and hearing about all of it is great, but seeing it in action is downright inspiring!

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