As automotive aficionados ourselves, we were curious about the luxury European automotive market in general. More specifically, we were interested in growth expectations and market considerations, as one never knows when s/he may hit the lottery and find yourself shopping for a custom built Caterham.

When considering the luxury automotive market, there are luxury cars and then there are ultra-elite, niche luxury cars. Our 2018 EMEA Automotive Social Sentiment Report explores both.

Wondering where your favorite ranks in our list of 36 top luxury brands in Europe – or if it even made our list? We’ll explore some of it in a moment, but to clarify, it’s not a “top 36” sort of list, it’s a sentiment sampling for luxury automobiles popular in Europe. And it offers unexpected insight to inform any niche marketers’ toolkit.

Different Luxury, Same Buyer Persona?

Luxury buyers spanning a variety of categories share certain characteristics. They’re trendy, active on mobile and are not easy to pinpoint, regardless of all the “target millennials” advice you’ll find out there – because they’re also fickle. And if they find your competitors first, and they offer a more authentic, relevant experience than you do, they’ll leave you without even a twinge of regret.

Successful luxury car dealers understand this and create very specifically targeted experiences. Why are SUVs experiencing exceptional growth across the board at luxury dealerships? The makers responded to a market need – one that is paying off. Even Jaguar has a crossover in the works. The sentiment supports this effort. Both on and offline, you’ll find sentiment helping brands uncover ideas capable of disrupting markets daily.

The real potential winners all around though are the ultra-elite, niche makers.

Ultra-Elite, Niche Makers

The ultra-elite, niche cars really give the other luxury choices a run for their money – lots of money. Although the audience for these niche cars is much smaller, the availability aligns, lending an air of exclusivity that helps drive the market. With a limited number of autos made, it only takes a few hundred buyers, in many instances, to make for an exceptional year.

And it’s the same for all things. Exclusivity, if it can be authentically maintained, can keep a brand in a very lucrative business for a long time. Just ask Louis Vutton.

Although seemingly light on mentions, at least comparatively in its space, the brand’s luxury status and competitive stronghold is unquestionable, thanks to its perceived exclusivity.

With a sentiment score rivaling that of Coach, while sporting a much smaller share of brand mentions, the luxury accessories giant is owning its niche. It’s an enviable position. And it’s one Noble Automotive, KTM X-Bow and Caterham, among the 33 other luxury and ultra-luxury dealers we took sentiment readings for, understand well.

Caterham, in particular, is leading the way not only in the sentiment game, but also in significant revenue growth. And this automotive brand is not alone, but the story shifts depending on who we explore.

Taking McLaren, for instance, we’ve documented explosive revenue growth with an apparently inversely proportional, and somewhat unimpressive, sentiment score. And it wouldn’t make sense without a bit of analysis around why this could be.

Fortunately, we dug a bit deeper and sorted out the reason. It’s something for any retailer to make note of and understand how to decipher sentiment. Take a peek and you’ll see what we mean.

The size of your audience is irrelevant online – it’s all about passion. Be sure to download the report to learn more about Automotive Social Sentiment in Europe. It may inspire you to pay more attention to who loves your brand, and why!

Want to find your niche audience online? We’re happy to show you how – contact us to take NetBase for a test drive.

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