NetBase 360-Degree for Social Media Analytics Knowledge, & Support

Carol Feigenbaum |
 04/19/17 |
3 min read


Our customers’ ability to gather insights about their audiences is only as good as the tools we provide them. To ensure they get a 360-degree view of their customers, we have to offer a fully dimensional experience to support that. NetBase 360, our new customer forum and knowledge base, is how we do it.

Practicing what we preach

We couldn’t succeed if we constantly went on about the value of understanding your audience, but didn’t bother to understand ours. We’re always listening, and know the importance of putting our customers first and answering their needs – like clear instructions on using our tools, use cases demonstrating real success in the wild, and on-demand customer support when more help is required.

We created NetBase 360 to speak to those needs, and to enhance the experience of using our suite of tools for maximum results. Here’s how NetBase 360 supports your social media listening efforts:

Get started right away – or not

All brands come to social monitoring from a different level of experience, so the amount of ramp-up time needed is different for all. Want to get started super fast? We’ve got an Express Path to get you up to speed within 40 minutes. Need a deeper understanding of things? Our Standard Path breaks it into a bit more detail.

Content to propel your brand forward

Just as content is the defining difference for your brand on social, the content we offer our customers is designed to meet them where they are, and take them where they want to go.

Video Tutorials

When you need to know more about a specific task – like creating a topic, setting up a crosstab analysis, using geofencing and more – we’ve got several videos focused on walking you through these individual skills.

If you’re not sure where you should start, the most popular topic tags our users are searching on are visible in the word cloud on the NetBase 360 home page to jumpstart your thinking:



For in-depth discussions about featured products within our social media monitoring tool suite, we’ve created a series of webinars to inform you. Learn the intricacies of measuring your results, customizing dashboards, working with certified themes, and more. These webinars help you get the most out of our tools, so you know your efforts are having an impact.


If you prefer the written word, we offer several how-to articles offering tips and tricks, and breaking down the steps of various strategies. Trending articles point to approaches popular with other users right now.

Best Practices

Those new to social analytics, as well as those looking to step up their game, will benefit from our Best Practices PDFs, which cover topics like:

  • Reputation Monitoring and Tracking
  • Issue Response and Measurement
  • Brand and Competitive Tracking
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Customer Journey Customer Care

If you thought social analytics were simply about making sure your fans still love you, these info-packed files will show you just how much you can get out of social data across your brand.

Use Case Courses

Want to take things even further? Our Use Case Courses show you how to perform key analytic functions like Competitive Analysis and Issue Tracking by demonstrating how these analyses benefit your brand, while also walking you through the steps in detail.

More help when you need it

NetBase 360 gives your brand the power to set your own pace while going deep with your social monitoring efforts. But if you need help with a unique campaign idea, or can’t find the answers you need within the portal, our support team is there for you.

Along with unparalleled customer care when you’re having a problem, we offer professional implementation, expert consulting via our Talk to the Expert sessions, and strategic advisory services to maximize results for even the toughest use cases. In short, whatever you need, we’re here to make sure it happens.

Our success depends on yours – so we are devoted to putting our customers first, and ensuring you have the tools you need to keep your brand healthy and strong. That includes our social media monitoring platform, as well as all you need to know to get the most out of it to propel your brand to the top – and keep it there.

Want more information on our top-rated suite of social media analytics tools? Reach out for a one-on-one demo!



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