Target Gets Serious About Social Data

When your business or your brand is in trouble, getting to the heart of the matter is paramount. And how do you get to learn ‘why’ something is going on? You look for deep customer insights, of course – to help explain events, trends and dynamics. This is easily done...
NetBase Product Line

Premier social media analytics platform

Tailored platform for growing businesses

Expand your social platform with LexisNexis news media

The power of social analytics for your entire team

Customer experience analytics platform

Out-of-the-box integration with other data sources

Actionable data to drive your business decisions

AI, Image Analytics, Reporting Tools & more

Product configurations to meet all needs

Quid Product Line

Media analytics and market intelligence platform

Enrich your media analytics with social data

Media coverage for historical & real-time monitoring

AI algorithms, NLP, data sources, and visualization

Tailored, configurable solutions