Faster, deeper, strategic insights

Faster, deeper, strategic insights

“How can I ramp up on a new area instantly?” The Quid Intelligence Platform allows you to go from zero to fluency on any topic in days, not months. Using Quid’s big data and advanced algorithms you can be up to date on all the major events, relationships,...
Crosstab: Santorum’s a (Hair) Cut Above the Rest

Crosstab: Santorum’s a (Hair) Cut Above the Rest

I ran a Crosstab analysis this morning to find out how people are feeling about some of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates across issues like the economy, the deficit, unemployment, and health care. And, for fun, I threw in hair. The chart, which shows net...

Social Listening and Big Brother: A Consumer Study

Working for NetBase, a social intelligence company that helps the largest brands and agencies in the world understand what consumers are saying about them, I started wondering about Big Brother: Do consumers know we’re listening, and do they care? To answer that, we...

Philz Coffee Netnography

The positioning for Philz Coffee is all about hand-made, gourmet, and custom. The Philz site says, “If you are serious about coffee, we recommend you immediately fly down to Philz Coffee and try a cup of one of the 20 handmade coffees that are on the menu or get some...

Starbucks Netnography

Starbucks wants to be “a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere,” but they also want to be purveyors of “everything else that goes with a full and rewarding coffeehouse experience.” The question is, Does devoting time and energy to being “so much more than what we brew”...
NetBase Product Line

Premier social media analytics platform

Tailored platform for growing businesses

Expand your social platform with LexisNexis news media

The power of social analytics for your entire team

Customer experience analytics platform

Out-of-the-box integration with other data sources

Actionable data to drive your business decisions

AI, Image Analytics, Reporting Tools & more

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Quid Product Line

Media analytics and market intelligence platform

Enrich your media analytics with social data

Media coverage for historical & real-time monitoring

AI algorithms, NLP, data sources, and visualization

Tailored, configurable solutions