Making Marketing Personalized, But Not Creepy

Making Marketing Personalized, But Not Creepy

For the past few years, anyone in the social marketing sphere has heard – repeatedly – how important personalization is to the equation. Brands looking for conversion from social know they need to step up their game if they want to be not just noticed, but memorable –...

How to Head Off Social Slip-ups Using Visual Analytics

Why are so many brands still getting it wrong and making avoidable social slip-ups? Major brands like the Washington Redskins, Victoria’s Secret, and SeaWorld  – to name a few –have ended up in the spotlight for the wrong reason by ignoring (or missing) a big piece of...
Social Chat Apps – Not Just For Kids Anymore

Social Chat Apps – Not Just For Kids Anymore

Is there value, from a brand perspective, in pursuing social chat apps? If one looks at the sheer volume of mentions many get on Twitter, the answer is a resounding YES . . . or is it? Mentions don’t necessarily mean a social chat app is loved – or even liked:  But...
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