NetBase just hosted a webinar with Taco Bell and Twitter to discuss how new social audience data drives consumer understanding, reach, and engagement. With so much digital data available to marketers, it is now possible to understand consumers like never before, create content that resonates with each individual, and engage with them in relevant ways. With our new product Audience 3D, NetBase is helping brands gain dimensional understanding of any audience on social and succeed in reaching consumers.

During the webinar, Taco Bell’s Mihir Minawala, Manager of Social, Industry, and Competitive Intelligence, shared how the brand collaborated with NetBase and Twitter on a very successful app launch. Taco Bell wanted to introduce a new ordering app to understand customer consumption preferences and communicate with them directly and naturally, as loyal fans have been asking for an app that would make ordering their favorite meal even faster. The team’s goal was to make a huge splash with a new launch, with the bulk of marketing efforts focusing on activation through social media. To make sure customers paid attention to the activation, Taco Bell had a brilliant idea to black out all the social media properties and replaced them with a message: “The New Way To Taco Bell Isn’t On …[insert a social channel].” It’s #onlyintheapp.

With Audience 3D from NetBase, Taco Bell was able to extend campaign reach far beyond just their social followers and millennial demographic. Instead, they were able to find people who act, feel, and consume like loyal fans and then reach out to them directly. NetBase helped build an audience of 3.5M people and break them down into 90 segments based on emotions such as Love/Want/Crave/Need Taco Bell. They were then able to target these individuals directly with relevant content and creative.

Audience 3D helped Taco Bell succeed in the following ways:

  • Build a vast audience of 3.5M people on Twitter
  • Segment the audience into 90 groups of feel-alikes, do-alikes and then targeted them with engaging messaging
  • Extend campaign reach by 4X
  • Drive 14% avg. engagement rate
  • Lead to a 20% higher purchase rate for users who users purchasing through the app

To learn more about Taco Bell’s success story and hear how other B2C companies can drive value with Audience 3D, take a look at this webinar recording or contact NetBase to speak with an expert in your industry.

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