#FOMO – the struggle is real. At an event like SXSW especially, you can’t possibly see and experience everything – even if you’re there. And if you’re not… Well, that’s when you really need a way to tap into real-time social data to understand what’s going on and how to join the conversations happening online. Our SXSW LIVE Pulse™ can keep you apprised of what’s happening in Austin so you don’t miss a moment.

Here’s how things looked at press time, two days before the start of the annual conference:


SXSW was getting a fair Amount of Chatter, making up 89% of the overall conversation on Twitter.  Trending topics were already emerging – some expected, some perhaps not.

Esurance was getting a lot of attention with their #esuranceaccess sweepstakes – their prize offering of a cutting-edge computer and 3D printer had “win a cutting-edge” as a top trending topic.


Not far behind was the subject of Nancy Reagan’s funeral – a big part of the conversation due to the announcement that President Obama was opting out of the former First Lady’s services to attend SXSW.

The Emerging Stream showed businesses announcing their inclusion in the conference, or offering chances to win SXSW-related prizes. And the Top Voices were Fox News with the Obama funeral story, and ET Canada wondering if the movie Suicide Squad would screen during the film portion of the festival. This was reflected in the Most Shared Images as well.

It’s all happening in real-time

What will the LIVE Pulse look like over the next week? It will be a constantly-refreshing source of social insights – which, of course, will be a reflection of what’s happening all over Austin in real-time, and being shared by those living it.

Want to know what’s trending no matter where you are? Check in on the Pulse anytime to find out. Or share what’s happening where you are, and maybe you’ll be part of creating a trend. It’s going to be exciting to watch either way.

If you want to know what the NetBase crew is up to while we’re there from March 11-15, follow us on Twitter, or find us and connect IRL (that’s “in real life,” for those who rely on our Slanguage Tracker to break down the netspeak).

Of if you’re a “planner,” here’s a look at where we’ll be over the course of the Interactive portion of SXSW:

If these events won’t fit around your conference schedule, you can sign up for an exclusive one-on-one NetBase Product Demo at SXSW whenever it’s convenient for you.

And if you won’t be in Austin, you can still join us for the AdWeek Webinar: Social Adds Pizzaz: How Sock Star Stance Got in on Kia’s Big Game Ad on Tuesday, March 15 from 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Central Time.

We’re excited to be part of all that’s happening this year in Austin, and the NetBase SXSW LIVE Pulse will be running throughout it all. So be sure to check in, and tweet us any insights that surprise you.

And be sure to reach out if you want to set up your own LIVE Pulse for SXSW – or any other event!

Image from Paul Hudson


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