SXSW is not an experience that can be easily put into words – but that doesn’t mean we won’t try! As you can tell from the images below, we had a BLAST at SXSW – and we wanted to share some highlights.

So what did we do for a week?

Besides getting zero hours of sleep, we did plenty of networking with some of our top customers, social influencers, brands and celebrities. We also attended several events – both official and unofficial. Here’s a rundown of some favorite moments:

  • We sponsored two different Brand Innovators Conferences with Mark Cuban (yes the billionnaire Shark) and Mark Dacascos (Chairman of Iron Chef America) for a fun King’s Hawaiian BBQ sauce cook-off
  • We had a lot of fun attending the SpredFast Happy Hour and Chromeo Concert
  • We gathered some favorite clients – including Stance and Universal Music Group – for a NetBase Video Testimonial Shoot
  • We immersed ourselves in VR, VR, and more VR anywhere we could – from Samsung’s social suite to Gatorade’s recharge pod; the tech just gets more amazing!
  • We rocked out at the Closeout Media Temple Concert with St. Lucia and Big Boi (OutKast)



Top left – Aaron Sanchez at Media Temple party; Top middle – trade show floor; Top right – Mark Dacascos – Iron Chef America; Middle left – Random vendors on the street giving away caffeine pills; Middle middle – Brian Solis; Bottom left – Brett Sirianni and Nick Tran from Stance ; Bottom middle – NetBase employees; Bottom right – Brett Sirianni and Nick Tran from Stance



Top left – Robert Scobble; Top right – NetBase team; Middle left – NetBase employees & Tony Grotticelli – Director of Social Insights at UMG; Bottom left – Mark Cuban; Bottom right – NetBase employees on VR overload

Through it all, we had our SXSW LIVE Pulse™ running – revealing the trends and top moments that social users were gushing over – and we tweeted the happenings live.

And boy are we exhausted… But we’ll be ready for it again next year – bigger, better and with more NetBase and Chill t-shirts – because nothing changes unless you apply what you learn. Just like social listening.

So let us know below if you plan to attend and we’ll brainstorm together on ideas for 2017!

Are you inspired to turn insights from SXSW into action? Reach out to level-up your social listening and be part of next year’s testimonials video!

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