KEKST CNC Using Quid to Analyze Sustainability Leadership on Social Media

Sustainability is more than a passing trend; it’s a key sign of the times. And it’s something that brands in every industry are internalizing as part of their process, with many are taking a leadership role in the effort. KEKST CNC used Quid to analyze sustainability leadership on social media to uncover what fueled the debate in 2020, pointing to indicators that brands will want to make note of in 2021. Let’s check it out!

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Sustainability Analysis by Social Channel

After analyzing content published by seven thought leaders between January and October 2020, KEKST CNC identified main topics covered “since the start of the year and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, more than 2,300 posts on Twitter and over 250 LinkedIn posts were analyzed within the given timeframe.”

Unrelated to this analysis, but an interesting aside – in Quid Social, brands can explore topic insight by source, which includes social networks, forums, blogs, news and comments:


Returning to KEKST CNC’s anonymized analysis of “the most relevant environmental influencers (economists, business leaders and activists) on Twitter and LinkedIn, with over 5,000 followers who are active in both sharing their own content as well as in amplifying posts from the community,” they made some interesting discoveries around both tone and content distinctions, by platform.

Their report details the variation in tone and content on Twitter and LinkedIn, and we encourage you to read it for their in-depth analysis of keywords found in clusters and by sentiment. Of particular interest was the kind of conversation found on each. One offered a wider conversation, but with less variation, while the other was more fragmented and specific. Their analysis “highlights the differences between how the two platforms are being used by the same influencers,” with an overview of the share of voice on each platform – both keywords used and demographics. And they identified key sectors in the larger sustainability conversation that these business leaders are discussing.

Pinpointing conversations in Quid is something that happens naturally with our filtering capabilities. It extracts the most relevant/related mentions when forming contextualized clusters for analysis. Here, we can see conversational clusters around a Plant-based topic search – and top mentioned Companies called out. But, we could also toggle the drop-down for keywords, source, people and topics:


And beyond pinpointing these conversations in a variety of ways, brands can also make distinctions between where these conversations are happening:


And then capture complementary insight around what is resonating with news media vs social media in NetBase Enterprise:


It’s really a case of ‘so much insight, so little time’ and the NetBase Quid combo make short work of it.

Once an analysis is complete and the insight is dialed in, as KEKST CNC does so expertly in its analysis – what are the next steps? Probably the best part about having access to real-time, accurate intel, is how immediately actionable it is. We have some takeaways to help you do exactly that.

Sustainability Takeaways for Brands

Much like KEKST CNC’s research ties in with surveys they’ve done on the topic, we find their research particularly compelling as we’ve explored sustainability in various contexts over the past year as well. Overall, it seems brands need to pay attention to conversations happening across the social web and that wider world online.

Corporate communications teams must understand where people are talking about these issues, both in context of their brand and the wider category they inhabit:


And to track important trends in the space to ensure your brand is creating applicable messaging in the moment. For example, did your brand take part in Veganuary? Should it have? “Interest in veganism is seeing exponential growth over the last few years. By 2020, internet searches for “veganism” had doubled since 2015, while tripling in countries like Australia, France and Spain.”


And what sustainability itself? Is your brand messaging out on this concept in any way? It’s easy to see where the conversations are happening, as well as who is leading them and what is being said – so where does your brand fit in? What do your consumers want to hear from you about this important topic?

Exploring what is being said, the sentiment behind it – and putting it in context of competitors really helps brands sort out next month’s action items.


Leadership in every industry needs to take note of the intel KEKST CNC uncovered, as we’re seeing a much wider consumer insistence – and brand adoption – of sustainability sensitivities. The question isn’t “if” but “how” to find the most applicable way in for your brand to meet consumers where they need you and forge deeper bonds with them. And consumer and market intelligence tools have all of those answers. Reach out for a demo and we’ll take you for a spin around the sustainability block to help you sort out where to settle in!

media intelligence report renewable energy

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