Super Bowl Commercials Cash-in with Consumers

Super Bowl commercials are money well spent for brands seeking maximum promotional impact. But it can’t be a one and done experience. Brands wisely seek to cash-in with consumers and generate long-term value from their very significant investment. And they do this with the help of next generation AI-powered social analytics

Some brands build hype ahead of the game, while others launch ads designed to surprise and delight. Either way, the real winners are making the most of this passionate, captive audience before, during and after the event. And that requires real-time social listening to make the most on those in-the-moment engagements! Let’s see how they did.

Super Bowl Commercial Sentiment Stats

The Super Bowl conversation in the past month peaked yesterday, of course – as it was game day.

Sentiment around the commercials was mostly positive – and for good reason. Outside of political ads, there was lots to feel good about, from the singing of the national anthem and the half-time show, to the game itself.

social sentiment of super bowl

And the ad that generated the most love, by any measure, was Bill Murray reprising his role in Groundhog Day. In it, he’s seen tooling around town in a Jeep, with Phil the Groundhog as his sidekick. It’s pretty epic. Jeep not only scored a touchdown, it landed the kick, interacting with fans as they reacted to the bit:

Groundhog day with Bill Murray - most loved Super Bowl commercial

In the process, they were even able to hype their new QuietKat e-bike, set to drop in June 2020.

But Jeep wasn’t the only Super Bowl commercial winner, of course. Let’s see how others fared, sorted by those that excelled before, during and after the game.

Commercials Building Buzz Before the Super Bowl

Budweiser was one of many that shared its ad ahead of the game. Smart move. The super heart-warming piece had people ready to cheer for it, and hush loud rooms to pay attention to what it had to say:

sentiment and sentiment drivers around Budweiser Typical American Super Bowl ad

And then the Hyundai Smaht Pahk was cleverly “leaked” just days ahead of the game and built up an impressive bit of buzz:

Hyundai Smaht Pahk commercial insightHyundai Smaht Pahk commercial insight

Commercials Working It During the Game

 Humor ruled the roost during the game – and there was lots of it. From Tide’s clever, continuous #LaundryLater promo with Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They certainly demonstrated the art of touch points, with the ad becoming a running joke that viewers appreciated and laughed along with during the commercial breaks.

Rocket Mortgage had its hilariously unexpected use of heartthrob Jason Momoa in its ad, which sent fans sideways. Game, set, match there:

Rocket Mortgage resonated with viewers for shocking portrayal of Jason Mamoa

And then Doritos Cool Ranch offered an unexpected take on a spaghetti western showdown, with a dance-off:

Doritos Cool Ranch dance off

During – and after the show is where each of these brands really shine though

#LaundryLater has taken on a life of its own for Tide. For Rocket Mortgage, seeing the balding, scrawny Jason Mamoa has sent shockwaves through his fanbase, with conversation set to continue for some time.

And Doritos is doing it up on the Dude Ranch, with lots of winning social engagement tactics at play

They’re creating opportunities for consumers to get in on the fun and retweeting this user-generated content. And they have an interactive app, showing folks how to dance like Sam:

Doritos interactive engagement with fans duriing and after the game

But we’re getting a little ahead. There are some things that are destined to last even longer than these clever commercials – and one ad that ran the gamut of before, during and after to launch a rebrand, of sorts. A rebirth, is more like it.

After the Super Bowl & Beyond

Lasting impact is a spot where any brand ultimately wants to be. Memorable firsts, from Katie Sowers as the first LGBTQ coach and the first ever spot featuring a drag queen have staying power with those watching and talking about them. History in the making has a way of doing that:

in the moment conversations about lgbtq football coach Katie Sowers

And some brands use the opportunity for stunning “reveals.”

Probably the most anticipated was the death/funeral of Mr. Peanut, and the rumored rebranding of the monocled legume. Its rebirth as a #babynut didn’t disappoint. And the smart folks at Planter’s are keeping momentum moving right along with a live stream of the little guy. Viewers are encouraged to ask him to do things – even if it gets “a little nutty.” Should be interesting.

Planters keeping consumers engaged after super bowl commercial hype with baby nut livestream

With 1.8 million live stream followers, it’s safe to say this rebirth was a success and they’re found their stride. And what a neat way to do so, in front of 102 million viewers! Good thing they got it right.

You can bet that all of these brands are using social listening well ahead of, during and after these big events to sort out what will resonate with their audiences. It’s way too expensive to risk getting this wrong for such a huge opportunity. And it’s also way too expensive to risk alienating potential customers by taking the wrong approach online, just in general. Not to mention unnecessary these days.

Reach out and we’ll show you how brands capture customer experience analytics to creating winning campaigns. And maybe you’ll be able to use that intel to confidently create your own Super Bowl ad next year!

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