Accuracy, Data Quality, Time to Insight – All Expanded in NetBase Quid’s Summer Product Update!
Mike Baglietto |
 07/19/22 |

Accuracy, Data Quality, Time to Insight – All Expanded in NetBase Quid’s Summer Product Update!

As our customers know, ongoing, innovative product updates happen every three weeks here like clockwork. We practice what we preach and use our capabilities to listen to our audience to exceed expectations and predict what’s coming next. This quarter is no different, and we have a few big enhancements to share!


In this roundup, you’ll see key features that will enhance your consumer and market intelligence gathering efforts, including:

  • Expansion of the industry’s most comprehensive channel coverage
  • Unmatched accuracy and data quality improvements for global enterprise and regional customers
  • Even faster time to insight with quick views and streamlined capabilities

Let’s get to it!

Expanding the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Channel Coverage

Offering the most comprehensive channel coverage is a tall order, but setting the bar is in our DNA and we’re always ready to solve any customer challenge. We’ve expanded our premium LexisNexis news coverage, and global forums coverage as well, allowing brands to track share of voice across more media than ever before. And this coverage expansion naturally extends to social media channels too.

Today, with video taking over online, accessing TikTok and Instagram Reels intel is a must. TikTok insight provides access to posts from thousands of brand and influencer channels, a variety of industry #hashtag-matched posts, and top trending posts––and our certified TikTok Topic is key to accessing it all.

Capturing TikTok Data in our Certified Topic

This new certified topic provides access to publicly available historical and ongoing TikTok data. It’s populated with brands, influencers, and popular industry #hashtags, and includes post metadata like author name, follower count, and music tags, providing access to the many thousands of wildly popular, and highly engaging posts that live on TikTok. We collect thousands of posts from brands, influencer channels and hashtags across a variety of industries including fashion, beauty, retail, media, sports and restaurants/food.

There’s author-specific post metadata, including the author’s handle, name, bio, avatar, profile URL, and follower count. There’s also post metadata like the TikTok URL, post text that mentions supported #hashtags, and music tags including the track title and artist. Metadata helps brands identify influencers, trending post music, or authors with positive sentiment toward your brand.

And we have new dashboards and themes to help you analyze and present TikTok data. They provide a simple way to gain an in-depth understanding of trending topical and audience TikTok content.

TikTok Dashboards

  • Beauty and Skincare Dashboard: This dashboard focuses on the beauty and skincare categories. You can replace the default General Conversation theme with an industry sub-category to deepen your analysis.
  • Food and Recipe Trends Dashboard: This dashboard enables you to easily explore trending food and recipe conversations over the last 30 days.
  • QSR (quick-service restaurants) and Fast-Food Dashboard: This dashboard contains an analysis of the top QSR and fast-food global brands. You can replace the default General Conversation theme with a specific language, campaign, or custom search terms to deepen your analysis
  • Influence Identification Dashboard: This dashboard focuses on identifying key influences for your brand or industry. You can replace the default General Conversation theme with other industry-specific themes to discover new influencers based on follower count or popular posts.

TikTok Themes

These themes provide a convenient way to overlay a set of relevant filters onto your TikTok analysis, segmenting conversations for a deeper, more customized analysis

  • Video Duration Theme: This theme enables you to sort posts by duration, giving you the ability to cross-referencing audience groups and follower count across authors.
  • Original Sound Theme: Use this theme to discover trending original sounds across multiple languages.
  • Official TikTok Account Theme: Use this theme to filter your analysis to official TikTok accounts only.

Instagram Reels

You heard it here first! Instagram Reels data is now flowing into our systems thanks to a recent enhancement to the Facebook API. Like TikTok content, users can identify the most popular video content on Instagram to see what’s going viral, which influencers are making the biggest impression, and which brands are succeeding at entertaining and engaging consumers.

And let’s not forget Rival IQ! We have also added TikTok and Instagram Reels to our social media benchmarking solution. Now, you have the best earned and owned coverage for all your most popular social channels.

Unmatched Accuracy & Data Quality

Out of the box, NetBase Quid® delivers the highest level of accuracy that is unmatched in the market. We remind our clients that our accuracy is unmatched because it is! And we’re always improving to keep it that way, ensuring customers have confidence in the data and trust it to inform the most mission critical strategic initiatives.

We’ve enhanced and expanded our Natural Language Processing (NLP) for additional global and regional languages, including improvements to French, Arabic, Spanish and Japanese posts. More specifically:

  • Enhanced geo-classification for all global and regional content.
  • Enhanced AI-based classification that improves coverage for French-speaking content.
  • Arabic offers more company and product name recognition improvements, as well as increased recall for emoticons and emojis.
  • Spanish comes with improved and expanded medium and high precision recall, with enhanced processing of Spanish-authored data that improves the accuracy of detected sentiment and increases the volume of sentiment in posts where brands and products are not specifically mentioned.
  • Enhanced Quid cluster formation, naming, and entity recognition across all supported language including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese posts, to encourage more meaningful clusters.


Even Faster Time to Insight

As if Quid Social wasn’t already amazing, the industry standard for advanced consumer and market intelligence got even more valuable for identifying emerging trends before your competition. We have added lots of pre-defined network views to make your work fast and efficient. These new “Quick Views” help brands quickly answer mission-critical questions. These views are easily accessible, requiring a single click to capture immediate intel around:

  • What are people talking about? Use the Network Map, Outlier Clusters, Top Clusters by Volume, and Top Clusters by Engagement views to discover which topics your most relevant audiences are discussing.
  • What is trending? Use the Timeline by Volume and Timeline by Engagement views to discover current and emerging trends.
  • How are people talking? Use the Cluster Sentiment and Cluster Sentiment by Traction views to analyze positive and negative sentiment in conversations.
  • Who is talking? Use the Gender Breakdown, Top Organizations, Top Interests, and Top Sources views to analyze the demographics around each conversation.

quick views

These views pop up immediately when you generate a new Quid Social network or open an existing network that does not contain any saved views. They not only shorten your time to insight, but also help answer mission critical business questions when seconds count!

Part of that speed comes from our improved Channels analysis widget, as it now includes a Hide Channels with 0 Brand Posts option in the widget settings. This helps brands quickly separate the signal from the noise and focus on the channels that matter most to your analysis.


Our Outlier Cluster enhancements help you dig into detected conversations that are about to blip on your competitor’s radar, with a control panel that rapidly sifts searches to rank these hidden gems by whichever attribute you choose to inform your efforts. There are a good number of options to choose from to power these real-time calculations. And if you want to make new selections and edits, you can save that view and recalculate with a click so you don’t lose your curated network:


We’ll continue to keep you posted as our platform evolves – and with so many updates in motion as we share this, we can promise the next couple of months will be amazing. As a bit of a preview, be sure to watch for our enhanced and expanded geo coverage using additional AI geo-classification for expanded set of languages. And also Facebook authorization improvements addressing reauthorization, token requirements, and new Facebook page features.

Check back and subscribe to follow along. We’d love to show you how to take advantage of our speed to insight on our expansive and ever-evolving content coverage. Combine it with our entirely transparent and supremely accurate analyses and it’s easy to see why our clients are category leaders and disruptors alike! Be sure to schedule a demo to see these next level features in action.


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