Top Summer Grilling Trends, Sourced from Social Sentiment
Mike Baglietto |
 06/06/19 |
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Top Summer Grilling Trends, Sourced from Social SentimentPeople are getting excited about summer – and grilling! But it’s not your parents’ BBQ that has the internet abuzz. Times have changed. And retailers of the CPG variety would do well to monitor such sizzling hot social sentiment around summer grilling trends, as there are many opportunities to engage and cash in!

What’s in a name?

“BBQ” is a noun that has three different meanings with consumers – and that offers retailers a variety of powerful options for capturing this BBQ/grilling energy. The word is a type of food, it’s also regularly applied to the type of cooking device used, and it’s (very often) an event. And conversation is happening around each. Let’s check it out.

Families gather around food, so do photographers, and then events and travel revolve around delicious food as well. Is there any time, really, that food isn’t part of the equation?

Making It Meaty

The winners of our BBQ exploration were Texas Style BBQ, Korean BBQ, Pizza on the Grill (huh?), and Wings and Churrasco (Spanish term that means steak cooked over fire).

There are new and interesting combinations popping up around food/grilling apparently. Take pizza grilling, for example. Who needs a pizza stone when you have an open flame and lots of good energy? And want some grilled chicken to go on that pizza? Bam!

There are grilled salads too, which we’re not sure anyone asked for – but wow, do they look yummy:

There’s also keto grilling, that’s largely about steak – and specialty meat purveyors are benefitting from the many tags and traffic that admiring fans send their way.

Take Victor Churchill, for instance – a butcher shop unlike anything you’ve ever seen:

Rich timber wall panelling, timber beamed ceiling and an Italian Calacatta marble slab floor immediately give a sense of true quality. The floor has been sliced into mosaic tiles and re-laid in book-matched slab form with a marble wall coving – an Australian-first installation created by boutique stonemasons Gitani Stone. The ceiling and counter fronts feature hand-carved copper fretwork by Di Emme Creative Solutions.

Offering prime cuts of meat, vegetables and pastries, their social presence is enough to send hungry followers in search of their wares. Just imagine what the right influencer(s) could do for them?

Finding influencers for this shop would require pinpointing targeted foodies (not vegan foodies!) with a refined palette, and correspondingly refined audience, as one can expect this butcher shop is not of the bargain variety.

If you’re located near Woollahra, Australia and feel a hankering for some shrimp to pop on the barbie, a visit would be in order.

But assuming you’re not – and just want to get your grill on, there are plenty of grilling events coming up this summer to feed you and help attract hungry consumers, no doubt.

Attending Summer BBQs

With conversations around ‘what to wear to a summer BBQ’ we can safely assume that many of these events are not confined to your neighbors’ backyard. For example, some upcoming BBQs may be fundraisers where sponsors can connect with target audiences on any number of relevant services:

And, as we hinted, the food isn’t constrained to the usual suspects either.

The actions participants are sharing offer insight around things they want, plan to eat, refuse to eat, cannot wait for, recommend, and even (smaller conversation) plan to boycott. We can also see, from the emojis, that the overall sentiment appears pretty happy. And it’s simple enough in NetBase to explore each emoji further just to be sure!

Each item in NetBase’s word clouds are clickable, allowing brands to explore deeper insight around the context of each word.

The “want” to “buy” offer customer insight worth its weight in charcoal, as it offers insight around some niche categories, And brands can reap the rewards of this data.

Nifty BBQ Extras & Other Audiences

Grilling is serious business, with correspondingly serious equipment – and grill masters are on the prowl to purchase all the recommended accoutrements.

But it’s not just meat-eaters using these amazing grills. Herbivores are grilling fans as well and Vegan Grilling is certainly a thing.

Vegans want to enjoy a summer BBQ, but obviously meat is not part of the equation. So we’re seeing lots of references to grilled veggies or meat free plant-based alternatives that often look/resemble meat.

And the conversation around it gets pretty intense:

And the options look incredible – and highly edible:

The Vegan culture – or even the meat culture for that matter – comes with associated affinities for different products and services. Capturing what they love and meeting unmet needs associated with whatever overarching culture each inhabits, could make summer slumps a thing of the past!

Attend more barbeques and see how they look for yourself. Check to see if the data jibes with your findings. Be sure to not arrive empty-handed when you do! FYI – the favorite summertime side dish, which is decidedly not keto friendly, is mac n cheese or – more decadently – BBQ mac n cheese!

We wish you the best in identifying adjacencies with other brands, along with the potential for creative, delicious BBQ partnerships.

Reach out, food folks and CPG friends, and we can tell you all about the connections you may be missing and how to find them!

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