Strategic decision-making

When you’re an executive looking to roll out a new promotion, manage a crisis, identify an influencer or monitor your brand’s health, a lot of work has to be done. And there’s one constant with all of it – the need for social analytics expertise and social listening for strategic decision-making. 

Social Listening for Strategic Decision-Making


Social listening is key for any brand or business that wants to be successful. It allows you to monitor, segment and analyze key terms and topics related to your brand and industry . This lets you know what is being said about your brand and when – and provides insight on what strategies need to be put in place at any given time.

By knowing what your audience/customers are saying about your brand, you can create and push out the right content at the right time, making a meaningful connection with these current and potential consumers and moving them down your funnel. Not only that, but you’ll encourage people to share positively about your products or services, and will know when they say something less than positive, so you can take care of it immediately:


Wondering how to get started? Many brands feel overwhelmed by the endless social listening possibilities. We may be a little bias, but our best-in-class solution should top your list of platforms to check out as you set out on your social analytics search.

But don’t take our word for it, in this video, Razi Imam, CEO of 113 Industries explains how he is using NetBase to ensure the right strategic decisions are being made not only for his business, but his clients too.


Razi makes important and informed decisions thanks social listening. With it, he’s able to help clients implement strategy that takes consumer experience into account – and that is what really matters. Afterall, at the end of the day we all want one thing – happy customers that turn into repeat customers or advocate for our brand. And capturing timely customer experience (CX) analytics is the best way to accomplish that!

The CX of Social Analytics

Knowing what is being said about your brand and where your customers are on their customer journey are two equally important things. Brands need to create experiences that resonate and move their customers to act.

Consumers are talking about your brand online, whether or not you’re there to see it. From social media, to forums, blogs, review sites, news and comments everywhere web-wide, you can be sure there is some amount of buzz.

But that doesn’t mean you just have to read what these consumers are saying and will instantly know what angle to pursue. Understanding their needs, who they are and where they are in their specific journey is rarely obvious. Most of this data is unstructured and all over the place, making it hard to selectively and individually pull in insights, never mind analyzing and developing your brand’s share of voice or capturing meaningful sentiment.

NetBase eliminates the manual work with Next Generation AI. Our advanced analytics scour each of these structured and unstructured sources to aggregate it all and create a single unified voice of your customer. From this, brands capture confident insight to drive strategic decisions every step of the way, from consideration all the way through to post-purchase and generating long-term customer loyalty.

And how do brands know any of this works? Benchmarking.


Benchmarking Social Analytics to Support Future Efforts

With NetBase, we make it easy to tell if efforts are resonating or not.


By using dashboards in NetBase you are able to get a sense of normalcy for your brand around a number of key metrics. All brands really need to do is decide what you want to measure – and why. Here are some questions to ask – are you trying to:

  • Increase social engagement– to drive sales? Can track specific behaviors being mentioned in relation to your brand and if you’re seeing an increase.
  • Enhance your customer experience online and off? Are complaints leveling off? Increasing? It’s simple to integrate customer care data to capture a complete picture of what is happening and why.
  • Measure the results of a single campaign? What was the uplift in targeted campaign mentions, specific hashtags and purchase behaviors?
  • Source ideas for new products? Social listening helps there – and allows you to track volume mentions.
  • Connect with more influencers to increase brand awareness? You can see how is talking and who is generating the most relevant conversation before you do!
  • Understand where your awareness is really coming from, as it can be an unexpected boon that you’ll want to take advantage of! It’s easy to track conversations back to their source in a powerful next generation AI-powered social analytics tool!

It’s important to know what the overall sentiment around your brand at a given time, and how your campaigns or decision making will impact your customer experience. Brands that succeed these days have a solid grasp of what’s normal for their brand, and are expert at crafting a new normal, as needed!

Reach out and we’ll show you how 113 Industries and so many other super successful clients use it.

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