Social Success Stories to Inspire Your 2018 Strategy
Carol Feigenbaum |
 01/03/18 |
3 min read

We can tell you all day that social media analytics are worth using – but we know the results of our customers hold much more sway. With that in mind, here are a few social success stories from the past year to get you excited about all that’s possible in 2018.

The magical power of influencers

The power of influencers has never been more valuable, whether it’s consumers’ peers – or celebrities they imagine to be peers – doing the talking.

For agency Burrell Communications, finding the right influencer was a key strategy in running creative direction for the Toyota Rav-4 Hybrid. They knew they needed the right personality to reach the multicultural audience their client wanted to target – and to answer questions and dispel myths about hybrid technology.

They used our social listening and sentiment analysis tools to uncover topics of interest, identifying comedian Keegan-Michael Key as the perfect social voice to enlighten their audience on the merits of hybrid vehicles.

Key’s retired Driver’s Ed instructor, Professor RaVelle Forman, lit up social media and beyond to educate consumers in a brilliantly funny campaign that increased engagement by 1000% while decreasing per engagement cost by 96%.

screencap of Toyota video with Keegan-Michael Key

Cooking up the perfect content

When engagement isn’t where you want it, social analytics is the only way to understand why – and what kind of changes are needed. Cuisinart is just one brand that’s proof of this.

To ensure they were offering what their audience really craved, they used NetBase to prep for their anticipated busy season – the November/December holidays, like Thanksgiving, Hannukah and Christmas.

What they found was a surprise interest in barbecue recipes for Labor Day weekend – something they hadn’t focused on in the past. This inspired a new strategy. Instead of the traditional product videos they’d previously focused on, they created quick meal-prep videos featuring their products in use – which were a big hit.

The new videos received more than 10,000 views – compared to 300-400 in the past. And they identified a new audience segment to boot.

Screencap of Cuisinart video for potato salad

Following up on campaign success

There’s no greater pressure than having to top yourself – but that’s exactly what Kia did with their 2017 Super Bowl ad.

Agency David & Goliath smartly used NetBase in 2016, identifying the perfect quirky spokesperson for their client (Christopher Walken) – and then finding the perfect social partner (Stance) to balance against Walken’s lack of online presence. This resulted in a hugely successful campaign for both brands.

For Kia’s 2017 campaign, David & Goliath was tasked with marketing Kia’s new hybrid vehicle, the Niro. They wanted to build on the sophisticated comedic voice they’d established, while reaching a new audience with their green initiatives. And they needed the right personality for the job.

Their social insights uncovered an actress who was both wildly popular, and conservation-minded: Melissa McCarthy. Additionally, Kia generously gave to the World Wildlife Federation as a thank you to the eco-conscious fans who helped the Super Bowl ads go viral, doubling their social conversation for the second year in a row.

Screencap of Kia Niro video starring Melissa McCarthy

What will YOUR story be?

These stories are just a few of the most recent, but there are many others we could share. From Britvic using competitor analysis and audience segmenting to launch a new product in a new market, to Credit Suisse using NetBase to keep clients on track with their stock portfolios.

There are many ways to apply social data across your entire brand. If you’re not already taking advantage of them, make 2018 the year you become one of our success stories.

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