For fans of surf and sun, the end of summer can be a bit of a bummer – at least if you’re not in an always-sunny place like Southern California or Florida. But for others it sparks excitement for one of the most-loved months of the year. Let’s see what Social Sentiment has to say!

The Perfect Month?

October has a lot to offer. The major holidays (and associated stress) are still a good month or two away, in many places the weather hits that perfect sweet spot of not too hot/not too cold, and there are activities galore to enjoy.

A search in NetBase Pro reveals there’ve been 9.6M posts about October over the past month – steadily increasing as the it draws nearer:

If you think you know what everyone on social is talking about, you may be surprised. It’s not all hayrides and beer festivals, though you can find plenty about both if you go looking. But if you search on “October” and “#October,” here are the Sentiment Attributes that pop up:

Attributes are the most emotion-laden topics and themes, and there are quite a few things people are excited about with regard to October. People are:

  1. READY for the season premieres of shows like Criminal Minds
  2. Wishing a HAPPY Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th-October 15th) to those celebrating
  3. Declaring October to be the BEST MONTH – without qualification
  4. EXCITED for October happenings from Birthdays and Halloween, to the upcoming Edmonton Oilers season, to wine dinners, to new shades of lipstick.

Of course there are some negative emotions in the mix – but with Sentiment overall at 90%, they’re not having much impact. And the biggest topic, “not build house,” references a post reviewing how well horror movies match their titles.

Though the review connected to the word “October” is negative, it’s not a direct knock on the month itself. Just a reminder to always look at what’s behind your analytics to be sure you understand what’s actually being conveyed.

Looking at Hashtags clues us in to a few more Octobery things getting major social traction:

There’s a lot of talk about South Korean boy band EXO’s big appearance in Seoul in October, as well as an October 6 appearance by K-pop band BTS to talk about their new song, “Idol.”

Getting lots of retweets is the return of CW show “Riverdale” on October 10, and, of course, there’s early talk of Halloween.

What’s important to learn here is the value of letting your audience lead you. This is a general search, but you can do the same thing within your defined audiences, to learn what October means to them.

Take note of the channels they’re conversing on as well. Here, Tumblr jumps ahead of other frequently top channels, to land in second place behind Twitter.

Instagram is still in the mix, along with YouTube and Reddit, with Facebook and TripAdvisor pulling up the rear.

October is a great month for traveling, so that makes sense.

Search According to Your Audience

Many travel to attend events like Octoberfest – which hasn’t made it into our Sentiment Attributes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t search on it specifically; especially if you know your audience is interested.

At first glance, much of the conversation is about beer – as various brands, like Sam Adams, release their version of Octoberfest this time of year:

There are some events noted in the mix, however, as terms like “come September 29th” and “authentic Octoberfest experience” indicate.

Looking at Emotions we can find more posts about upcoming events connected to specific sentiments:

Here’s a sound bite from “love”:

Behaviors can also be revealing. In this case, “drink” is the obvious front-runner…

But clicking on “attend” opens the door to posts about specific Octoberfest events – so you can see where things are happening, what’s on offer, and how you might join the conversation or compete.

It’s always smart to know who’s influencing the conversation – and in what way:

Fashion is big with the influencers above – which gives you another angle from which to approach your Octoberfest campaigning:

Still doesn’t seem like much, does it?

Watch what happens when we change the spelling to “Oktoberfest”:

Now we’re cookin’!

The positive terms reveal a slew of Oktoberfest events – from Iowa, to Chicago, to Jersey City. The negative terms give brands the opportunity to avoid missteps, as some complain about oversexualization of traditional dress, loss of the original meaning of the festival, or that it’s simply overrated.

Whatever you do, it’s important to know your audience – and what they want.

American Express clearly does. They share an annual list of October events for their cardholders to consider – and it’s surely based on what their customers are passionate about. The events are spread across the globe, with appeal for those of sophisticated tastes.

It’s probably not an accident they’ve listed events in Canada and Italy, as both appear in our Geography card below:

Interestingly the United States sees more posts than Germany – even removing the “English-only” language filter.

Something to note as you perform your analytics.

Track Trends and Love Over Time

It’s early in the game, and there’s a lot of October to go before we close out the month with Halloween. Keep following conversations on social, watch for trends popping up, and adapt your messaging and campaigns as needed to make the most of this magical month.

It only comes once a year, after all. Prost!

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