For some people, every day is National Coffee Day. For everyone else, September 29th is a day to get even more amped on caffeine, and toast to the drink that gives them life.

What can we learn from this recent occasion? Here are some insights to keep in mind as you apply sentiment analysis to the next commemorative day that matters to your brand.

There’s (Almost) Literally Nothing to Hate

Some celebratory days and months are steeped in controversy, leaving social audiences split on sentiment. Not so with National Coffee Day. People almost unequivocally LOVE it, as we can see in NetBase Pro:

The biggest word in our Emotions word cloud is “happy.” The surrounding Emotions and Emojis indicate varying degrees of love, with rare exception.  What’s behind the few negative Emotions?

It’s mostly disgruntled baristas complaining about how much harder they have to work. And one snarky fella who just had to point out the Philadelphia Flyers were celebrating a day early:

As if the Flyers didn’t have enough on their plate with the mixed reaction to their new mascot, Gritty, announced just a few days prior. Perhaps they should have taken a page from the Sacramento Kings’ book before unveiling Gritty.

Then again, he just might grow on everyone. If the Flyers are smart, they’re following social sentiment and engaging fans in a way that encourages that affection.

Back to National Coffee Day. What else is noteworthy in our social analysis?

Joining the Coffee Klatch

Looking at Terms under Popular Items we see Starbucks is on the list (Dunkin’ is as well, albeit further down), and terms like “deals” and “free coffee” are also among those in the top 11.

The phrase “Happy National Coffee Day” as well as the hashtag “#NationalCoffeeDay” are prominent, along with the cup of coffee emoji:

Anyone looking to be part of the social conversation would have done well to include these in their posts.

This is what social listening is all about – finding your way in organically, based on what your audience cares about. You won’t get their attention if you bust in with your own agenda.

Unexpected Pairings Offer a Competitive Edge

What about non-coffee brands? Do they have a shot on a day dedicated to something they don’t even sell?

Well, of course – because it’s never about what you sell as much as it is about the human side of your brand. If you and your staff love coffee, that’s your in.

Another great in? The conveniences that power our lives – like coffee, and… dry shampoo? It’s not an obvious match, but it’s one that worked for Dove. Their partnership with Dunkin’ got the most Popular Post of the day, thanks to influencer Adrienne Bailon.

The singer, actress, and co-host of The Real talk show has nearly 4 million followers. Her Instagram post is pretty much the textbook example of how to relate to your audience on a personal level, while slyly shouting out the brands you’re working with:

Hold Out Your Cup

National Coffee Day generated more than a half-billion impressions in just the few days surrounding the 29th:

Because coffee has universal appeal, there’s no reason not to have your fill of the available share of voice.

Just use your social analytics and sentiment analysis tools to find the most relevant way in for your brand – and follow along in real-time to be sure your strategy is panning out as expected. If not, you can always switch to decaff.

To see more examples of how to use sentiment analysis to capitalize on commemorative days and other events, reach out! Or join us at NetBase LIVE LA & NY this month!



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