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The Presidential candidates probably wish they could see into the future right about now – and most brands probably wish for the same ability often enough. With fickle consumers and voters, how can retail and political brands know where they stand from day to day?

On March 30,  Hallie Wright, Content Strategist at Santy will team up with Chris Leet at NetBase for the webinar Social Secrets to Drive Campaigns, Increase Revenue and Predict Elections, co-hosted by the American Marketing Association (AMA).

Here’s an early look at the topics they’ll cover:

Connecting on social helps you earn trust

According to Pew Research, “35% of registered voters who use social media to follow a political candidate say a major reason is that it makes them feel more personally connected to a politician or group.”

In addition, Pew noted that voters who connect with politicians on social media do so to “bypass traditional journalism.” According to their most recent data, 26% of registered voters find information from politicians’ social networking sites “more reliable” than that of traditional news organizations.

Voters’ and consumers’ growing reliance on social media is a clear opportunity for politicians and brands to build trust and influence behavior. But to connect with your audience, you need to know what they’re talking about, how they’re feeling and what topics they’re interested in.

Chris will explain how to apply NetBase’s Audience 3D™ to gather psychographic details about social users – what they love, hate, think and feel at a specific level. From there you can use audience segmenting to deliver customized messaging to multiple and varied audiences.

But that’s not even the best part about social listening.

Consumer sentiment analysis gives you a heads up

As you’re gathering social data, digging into psychographics and consumer emotions, you can spot trends to inform your next move. What has voters responding positively, and what has them retweeting in disgust?

To have an accurate picture you can’t stop at analyzing what social users are saying about you or your brand – you have to know what they’re feeling about everything. What effect are outside influencers having on them? What’s happening with your competition? Are they gaining ground? What specifically are voters/consumers responding to? What do you need to change to win them over?

These are insights you glean when you extend your social listening in all directions, and incorporate sentiment.

And for many social users, sentiment is best expressed graphically via emojis. Can you decode them? If you can’t, how will you know how to respond?

You need to know everything you can to make smart decisions. Then you can course correct before you’ve simply lost to the other side – and have to concede.

Make your brand great again

A solid platform and wily campaign manager can only take a politician so far. With retail, the same can be said of clever advertising and discounts. Real-time social listening must be part of your campaigning.

Even after you’ve gathered insights, or delivered messaging, you’ve got to check in and be sure the conversation hasn’t changed. For example, recently we used our LIVE Pulse tool to monitor social sentiment leading up to and during Super Tuesday. Hopefully the candidates were checking in and adjusting their strategies as needed. Trends can emerge and fade quickly, so brands have to pay attention.

Chris and Hallie will go deeper into how, and offer real-world case studies to illustrate their discussion.

To hear it all first-hand, join us March 30, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific/1:00 p.m. Eastern for the webinar, Social Secrets to Drive Campaigns, Increase Revenue and Predict Elections.

And if you can’t tune in, ask us for a demo of Audience 3D and we’ll get you started.

Image from Dan Zen

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